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Reviewed by Carter O'Brien

As someone who has become a hub of weird Web-related stuff, I most wholeheartedly recommend the "Yahoo! News: Most E-Mailed Content" page. No need to strain your eyeballs scrolling through endless search-engine results, for many strange stories and photos can be found at this site. And the best part is, they're all REAL—well, at least they're not out-and-out frauds or fakeries.

Where else but here can you find stories like "Extinct Tasmanian Tiger One Step Closer to Cloning"? Or "Squirrel Sleuth Cracks Robbery"? Or how about "Rapper Fined for Hitting His Monkey"? (Are we sure they don't mean "spanking his monkey"?) Or this curious story entitled "''When they eat your dog, they're not so cute'"?

On this page you can also find wacky photos that are being emailed around hundreds upon hundreds of times EVERY day-all in one place! Here is a representative sampling:

In truth, it's not just the outlandishness of the stories or photos that will keep you checking this site once or twice a day. It's what the content tells you about the human psyche that is so intriguing. It's almost like a course in psychology. It's also kind of like the Sunday paper, with sections devoted to sports, U.S. news, world news, politics, and entertainment. On any given day you almost always find several stories dealing with politics, or at the very least another photo of George Bush with a facial contortion that suggests a relatively recent link to a chimpanzee. You also generally find stories about sports (or some gossip involving a sports hero), movies and/or music (ditto on gossip), the latest developments in technology (we ARE talking about the Internet here!), breaking health and medicine news or hype, and last but not least…


Man alive, it never fails to crack me up to see how many hundreds of times the newest vaguely revealing picture of Anna Kournikova makes the cyber-rounds. As I write this the Miss Universe pageant is underway so of course every day there is a new picture that has somehow captured the Internet's fancy—the winner, Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Fedorova of Russia, is pictured below (she's just gotta be in a James Bond movie!). Plus, pseudo porn stars and bimbos like Pamela Anderson are "regulars", as it seems every day a new picture chock full o' cleavage is being sent around the Web.

To conclude this randomly assembled Web-page review, I'd like to share my all-time favorite story, which was greeted with howls of disbelief and laughter from a crowd USED to getting the finest e-spam from planet Bizarro. It is truly tragic there wasn't a picture to accompany this story:

Wednesday March 21, 2001 7:57 AM ET
Sex-Starved Moose Defecates on Car

OSLO (Reuters) —A sex-starved moose in Norway mistook a small, yellow car for a would-be partner, but defecated on it after it got no response.

Leif Borgersen, owner of the Ford Ka model, told the Norwegian regional daily Telemarksavisa Tuesday that he found his car bathed in lick marks, saliva, and moose excrement.

Borgersen says the moose left its mark on the front yard of his home in Lardal, about 125 miles southwest of Oslo.

"The front yard was simply transformed into an outdoor toilet," he said.

`"I'm a bit uncertain whether I should take the risk of letting the car stand alone and defenseless on the front yard from now on."

There was no damage to the car apart from the sideview mirror that was bent backwards.

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