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Hijinx what you've just stumbled upon
by the fARM

The Bumfuzzled Brothers and Carlo Rossi present
Neo-Porn Noir: Part I
*Porn noir: A type of pornographic crime film featuring cynical malevolent characters engaged in sleazy erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement with an ominous atmosphere that is conveyed by shadowy sexy photography and foreboding sexy background music.

There can be pictures
By Patrick Hurley
There can be pictures
and pictures like no reality

Just a Symptom of My Occupational Disease
By Doug Jentoft
I am a new student at the local chiropractic college. I am going to be a doctor. A real professional.

March Madness
By Elizabeth Cox
I don't have a team mascot... I have historically been Green, Democratic, and liberal. But lately I am re-evaluating the game and I am not sure I want to buy season tickets for next year.

By Blythe Hurley
For the first time in a long time I begin my morning with violence. I get up, back up as far as I can, then run and slam myself into the opposite wall.

In Search of North Center
By Carter O'Brien
I drive, bike, and walk up and down Lincoln Avenue in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood on a daily basis. Until recently this area was known as "North Center."

necessary dreams at bad times
By Henry Kastler
the words we gave
in speech and cypher
had no ring or form,
needed no heart binding
ceremony of things taken
on faith.

One Fun Night in Barcelona
By Monica Schrager
I can't recall a time past or since when I've randomly met such different, interesting, and entertaining people, and just had such a great time.

I'm Your Biggest Fan!
By Heather Egland
The following form letter was sent in hopes of eliciting a response, any response, from the recipients listed below. Recipients were chosen at random; each one is, in fact, already a winner.

Carnies, Clems, and Cheney
By Patrick Russell
Of course, many people will half-heartedly protest when informed that they're being played like rubes at a county fair by their own government.

It has come to this
By Patrick Hurley
It has come to this
a change of seasons

Talking With Nick
By Steve Spaulding
"'The Devil' is good. I get a lot of mileage out of that one. I also like 'Nick.' Has a nice, informal touch to it. Nick's your buddy, Nick's your pal, Nick's the kind of guy you can throw up in his car and he don't mind."

The Second Driveway
By geary yonker
It's an autumn afternoon and the block is vacant. Everybody's probably either at work or at school, except me. I'm suspended from school and I'm cleaning up the second driveway of my parents' house.

The Leviathan
By Zack Martin
Dwayne yelled out, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1," and then he pushed the plunger. The noise was deafening. The dead mammal went up in a red and gray cloud.

The Enron Debacle:
What Happened to the Clinton Years When Politicians Got Screwed Instead of Screwing All of Us?

By Carter O'Brien
You know that things have taken a turn for the surreal when you find yourself voluntarily watching C-Span.

Male Bag
By Christina O'Brien
The only thing I miss about junior high is the sex.

By Joe Martinez
The city is rife with a plague of butts, filling every crack and crevice one can find.

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