necessary dreams at bad times

By Henry Kastler

the words we gave
in speech and cypher
had no ring or form,
needed no heart binding
ceremony of things taken
on faith.

in speech and cypher
like prescriptions for pleasure,
healing damaged,
is the joy and agony of desire,
a song unsung,
a snowstorm of numb.

like prescriptions for pleasure
the sleepy words of love, alive
to make life more real, going down
in the redeye chronic
of coffee, cigarettes, and the grind,
in a box always on the verge of crashing.

the sleepy words of love, alive
and fluttering in rhythm
with quick and painful breaths,
hopeful and inconsolable,
guiding fictions that give
shelter against the silence.

and fluttering in rhythm
necessary dreams at bad times
the free hearts give away
for a new chance
at the miracle we've been waiting for
but find there are only more words.

necessary dreams at bad times
angels at our ends
broken by shadow embraces,
the words resonating into
echoes of sighs, the words
forgiving a sleepless night.

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