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Welcome to keepgoing.org electronic quarterly.

March comes in like a lionThis year the change in seasons from winter to spring inspired us to make a change. If you've visited this site before, you'll notice that we have a new name. The first six issues of this quarterly were published under the name "the fARM". While we the publishers still call ourselves the fARM, we decided that if anyone were ever going to find us in this digital morass, we needed to change the name of the quarterly to our URL, "keepgoing.org." We think they call it "branding." The fARM is who we are. Keep going is what we do.

We do this once a season and we release each issue on the first day of that season. We all volunteer our time, effort, and ideas to make this happen four times a year.

This whole notion of the fARM started a few years back when the world was relatively prosperous and at peace. In the summer of 1997 a group of pseudo-intellectuals, letter-writing cranks, experimental chemists, unrecognized geniuses, chronic underachievers, and various other people who shouldn't quit their day jobs gathered at an undisclosed spot and decided… well... decided… well, to be honest, we all just got drunk and ran around in the woods but after that we decided on stuff. And that stuff became the fARM. The years went by and we learned that we could be more productive with our energies. Presto: www.keepgoing.org was born.

We do this because we can. We're not saying that all of the stories or essays or poems or opinions in this quarterly are necessarily ground-breaking, but they are ours and we're proud of them.

This is our message in a bottle to the world and you have found it. If you are moved in any way by anything you read here, please drop us a line at thefarm@keepgoing.org.

If you enjoy it, please tell a friend and return next season.

If you don't, we'll still be back next season. You can't stop us.

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