There can be pictures

By Patrick Hurley

There can be pictures
and pictures like no reality
there can be
beside fountains
the grass
pictures not revealing
there can be marble stairs
worn spots holding water
where once multiple footfalls
handrails holding
the shine of use
sparkling broken glass on
well-worn pavement
sidewalks imitating highways
filled with important pedestrians
always, on their way
pictures, holding the stones' mortar
a brief glimpse into
There can be, everywhere
faces and faces and faces
vanishing into themselves
setting the stone forward
blasting automobile horns at crosswalks
tied by 'DON'T WALK'
to a tiny piece of vulnerability
as history's wisdom passes to the left
to the right
blue and yellow plastic hats battle old stone
with the din of steels' repetitive
pictures bringing grit to mouth
of yesterday's importance
important no more
making way for
There can be pictures
that will never reveal
here now
the memory of a smile
captured within this drop of water
below an eye
'have you seen the city?'
yet, still before you
I can report that on this day
beauty is a memory
and it's hard to get a cab
in DC.

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Copyrightę2002 by By Patrick Hurley.

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