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union Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Barn'!
By Patrick Russell
Aside from currently being just about as far from the point of entering the Union Of Holy Wedlock as is humanly possible, and aside from regularly listing my religion as "Spiritual Hitchhiker" on forms which require it, I'm also one of those demented schmucks who voted for Ralph Nader last year.

An Imitation of Robert Lowell's "For the Union Dead"

By Henry Kastler
The heave-ho downtown monoliths spike speed into the information arm of America.

Keep Going
By Chris Kowalski
"When it looks like you can't go any further...keep going." This was the advice Crazy Bob gave us as he rang up our 12-pack of Miller.

Matrimony, Montana, and the Machine
By Carter O'Brien
Union: Such a great concept for a country. At face value it's beautiful. But I admit I have a hard time really sensing the unity of our country outside of the giant calamities that pit us against other countries.

Photos by Joe Martinez

A Night at the Chip Inn
By Zack Martin
"Hey Joe, what's his story?" Cam said, interrupting his friend Seth and pointing to the guy at the end of the bar.

The Wedding
By Patrick Hurley
This love
        my heart full
                            with joy

My Greatest 4th of July Ever
By Denise Pace
OK, first off, I remember a multitude of childhood 4ths at a park in Normal. Your basic TV 4ths: family, cool summer evening grass, fireworks that looked and sounded so near you were afeared you would be hit.

How the Farm Was Won
Photos by Chris Kowalski

By Tina Dunlap
He and the cats are singing together, quietly, in the winter morning light.

The Work of Many Hands
By Steve Spaulding
The long-awaited conclusion to the story that began in Issue 5.

Farm Family Fun
Photos by Patrick Hurley

By Heather Egland
" then I threw his shoes out the fourth-floor window," Charlotte claimed triumphantly.

Space Wars Around the Corner
By Carter O'Brien
Once again I feel the need to clarify the savage law of the land in Chicago regarding street parking in winter. The seasonal sport of "spot saving" is almost upon us.

Male Bag
By Tina Dunlap
No one ever called me Christina. But he insisted on calling me Christina and I let him.

Bye Bye B
By Joe Martinez
In the world our ancestors have hewn for us we live our lives, and in this world of mobility and suburbs, people are less and less parts of villages and tribes of the sort we have been parts of from time immemorial.

Here Comes the Sun
Words by George Harrison
Photos by geary yonker and Heather Egland

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