By geary yonker

UnionOn November 21st, i sent out an email promoting "Buy Nothing Day" on November 23rd. After i received numerous responses of varying agreement (from "fuck you" to "amen"), i was sure i had found my idea for my next fARM story. At least as sure as i was of my original story idea: some of the questionable domestic policy decisions the current administration has taken since September 11th. Presently all i can think of writing about is the generosity of my late mother and the approaching holidays.

There is a Chinese saying: "May you live in interesting times." i cannot decide if it is meant to be a wish of good fortune or a curse.

2001 was filled with enough joy and tragedy to fill several years. It was an eruption of life. Loved ones were lost, new bonds were created, and a "new world" was born.

The one thing that holds a family, a group, or a country together through "interesting times" is unity, a union not based on obligation or dogma but on love and respect for one another. The boundaries of that union are based solely on our definition of "we."

"We are family..."

"We the people..."

We are the fARM.

This is our UNION.

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