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The Big Plenty
By Matt Sharkey
Lyle and Walter were printing money in their apartment. The reproduction was abominable, but one has to start somewhere. The syndicate was on their ass

How I Relaxed and Learned to Love Slack:
A Public Service Message from Reverend Johnny Do-Nothing

As told to Blythe Smith
Once you realize that in reality, you don’t have to do anything—that’s when you’re in trouble.

Is Temping Hell?
By Carter O'Brien
While temping drives many to madness and a sense of existential dread, believe it or not there are some people who actually revel, or at least escape with personality intact, in the temp lifestyle.

The Work of Many Hands
By Steve Spaulding
Johnny joined in where he could, tried to follow along where he couldn't, the little threads and tracings of these fascinating other people. Fascinating in that they were other than him, and yet all still here. All at the farm.

The Poem at the Bottom of the Whiskey Bottle
By Henry Kastler
Another bet won
as the warmth changes
from a silky heat
to an autumn sunrise song
that you can't, don't want to
get out of your throat.

The Wine Must Flow, The Mind Must Wander
By Al Dereu
The train ride feels like it will never end. At least it offers an excellent view of the northern outskirts of Madrid, its sprawl slowly turning into vineyards and orchards.

What Happened?
By Heather Egland
It had been a number of years since I'd seen him. Was it five? Couldn't have been six, already. He had liked me, or at least I thought he had, and I had liked him—a lot—only not in that way.

Dinosaur Spirit Guy
By Carter O'Brien
"Yes, I am wondering if I could speak to a paleontologist. I am interested in discussing whether or not dinosaurs might have had souls."

Male Bag
By Tina Dunlap
Jason had no job. He was an illegal immigrant—from England, of all places.

Work Photo Gallery
By Monica Schrager
Work built it all.


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