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The Farm

The Pad
By Henry Kastler

2001:Space Odeyssey 3 incandescent lights
a monitor
the reflection of 2 lights
in the black screen of the television.
An American flag hanging on
the wall behind a stereo rack
a listener’s tribute to the electric
guitar. Next to the flag
the poster for 2001: A Space Odyssey
a painting of a rocket ship
blasting off from a space station bay
orbiting the Earth. In the background
the moon. It is quiet a computer hum
whirr of the fan thousands of revolutions.
Before the nuke, people went to war
for what was believed and shared
but now it’s back to business.
The light and the shadow are one.
Water drips into a bowl
from a leaking faucet with a pause
a collection of plants and animals
waiting for the sun to rise
or the Earth to move
same difference whichever you choose.
Books, wire, shoes, jewel
cases, cellophane wrappers
and holographic stickers
cardboard boxes open and empty,
inanimate all eternal material
arranged somewhat
preserving disorder and uncorked bottles of wine.
A brass lock on a glass door with a wood grid
was opened and closed and opened again.
The lights are cups of coffee, the cups of coffee pillows,
the pillows are waking dreams.

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