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The Farm

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GREEN Welcome to the Farm

The Green Poems
By Patrick Hurley
1) It was there, I saw you...
2) December...
3) We had come to work...

Who Dies With the Most Toys...
Part 3 of 3

By Steve Spaulding
Role-playing games exert a strong influence on geeky people because they tap so directly into an imaginative, escapist faculty that is pretty much what makes a geek a geek in the first place.

Summer Porch
By Chris Kowalski
I’m going crazy for you in the summer heat. The thickness that makes my body drip water and salt. Staining my clothes, stinging my eyes, running slick down my sides, and all the while the fan trained on you.

The Long Walk Home
By Carter O'Brien
Time stopped. The other people on the platform all seemed to stop talking at once. Even the roar of the train stopping and the accompanying screeching brakes, which normally drowned out everything, seemed to fade away and disappear.

By Matt McCarthy
“Tommy, LOOK AT ME, fer christssake. I'M JUNK. This is a junk shop, right? RIGHT? Well then, I'M HOME.”

The Pad
By Henry Kastler
…The lights are cups of coffee, the cups of coffee pillows, the pillows are waking dreams.

I Want To See More Green
By Monica Schrager
I saw the communal atmosphere that comes from the green—people departing from a game of tag football, waving to each other, talking about meeting up—and I like that feeling.

Human Resources
By geary yonker
One thing I've learned along the way is that there is no other place like the city for marketing your skills. I'm only here for the money. The money I plan to use to escape this place.

Male Bag
By Tina Dunlap
One part of the test asked me to write down the names of people I associate with certain colors. Carter was green.

Spoon Girl
By Chris Kowalski
Do you remember that burning summer when the whole city just melted? Do you remember the one where five hundred people expired from the heat?

The Rantings of Eugene D. Moore
Part IV: A Shocking Discovery

By Carter O'Brien
Maybe this Eugene fellow IS innocent, set up to fail by an unscrupulous defense attorney who had been convicted of stealing funds from his clients!

How I Paid $56 for a Pair of Shorts
By Joe Martinez
I looked in the mirror and realized that I'd been forced into a fashion faux pas of biblical proportions. The khaki shorts and the black shirt actually went together, but then I looked down at my feet.


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