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The Farm

Three Green Poems
By Patrick Hurley

Green Poems

It was there, I saw you
     standing in the creek
          with trousers rolled to the knees
     the water, glistening sunlight
          made tiny
                         as it parted
     around your shins
So beautiful
     the drops
               from your hands
          you cooled
                    sun-reddened cheeks
So green the
     new spring grass
          along the creek banks
It was there, I saw you
     my heart stopped
          from joy
     knowing your beauty

     and three feet of snow on my car
Oh, how I yearn
     for the purple crocus
          the green
     of its first
     over winter

We had come to work
     planting trees
          in praise of a mother
               who gave us a place
                    to plant trees
The earth still cold
     from winter’s thaw
          and buds yet to bloom
          hidden beneath the bark
We broke the soil
     with borrowed shovels
          and uncalloused hands
     carefully placing the
          bare-rooted babes in their
               new fertile womb
All dreaming and smiling
     that night
          by the fire
     of the broad
          leaves to come
Our children will know you
          by your gift
     this day

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