The Next Time I See You

it will be like old times
we will laugh about this
we will cry on each others’ shoulders
I will pretend I don’t know you
you will act like nothing ever happened
I will tell you how much I love you
we will embrace like old lovers
we will kiss like new lovers
I will drive my heel into your throat
you will know the meaning of unkindness
I will say that everything is going to be okay
you will still play the victim
I will walk away from you
I will be forgiven
 we will make terribly fun music
we will bask in each others' company
you will be happy to see me
we will climb a tree
we will feast and drink
we will indulge in wickedness
you will remind me of someone else
you will lie just like you always do
we will exchange empty gestures
I will tell you exactly what I think of you
you won’t say a word
you won’t understand me
you will still hate me
you will walk away with nothing
I will say how much I missed you
you will have discovered something new
you will try to impress me
you will remember me as I was
I will see you as you are.


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