The Fool’s Journey

Christine randomly shuffles the cards as she tries to think of a question. This is a bad sign for her inner life. She is so stagnated and stuck that she doesn’t even know what kind of inspiration she is looking for.

Regardless of the question, she knows what the cards will say: “This is the beginning of a new direction.” Every time she does a reading, there are inspiring cards about this new phase, but always in the future and sometimes reversed (which she interprets as “uncertain”).

There are also always reminders that strength is needed, as well as temperance.

There will also be at least one card, usually more, to portray the frustrating delay she is enduring. This confusing contemplation seems unavoidable.

She is trying to do what she can to get through this. She’s even tried some art projects to search for that inner voice, but no striking insights are forthcoming. She went back to school to begin laying the groundwork for new options, but that hasn’t helped her clarify things as much as she thought it would.

It certainly hasn’t been providing the material for dreams.

She’s fortunate to have career counseling to put her in touch with people who can help her explore her options, but it hasn’t helped yet. The direction begins with her.

“The answer is within you.” “Where do you want to be in 10 years?” “What do you want to be remembered for when you die?” “What would you do for free?” “What do you think is meaningful?” “What contributions can you make?” These questions can paralyze you. No answers feel right, but she can’t get rid of the feeling that there is something to figure out, so she continues to try. She’s holding many competing directions in her mind and none of them seem attractive enough to be “The One.” Still, she’s looking into them — finding out more and beginning preparation where she can. She’s also trying the familiar path, applying for jobs that would use the skills she already has. That’s not working either. Is it divine design, bad timing, bad luck, or being less marketable than she thinks she is? She’s not sure.

She asks the cards about her health or she asks them what she can do to find goals that inspire her or whether she should just forget about inspiration and move on. It doesn’t seem to matter. The gist of the reading stays the same, encouraging but vague.

She continues shuffling with her jumbled thoughts and decides to ask a more specific question. Maybe that will help her get more specific guidance.

Question: What do I need to do to have a job by January?

The Self card indicates concern over material security, clinging to the status quo and making compromises to feel safe. This card normally doesn’t come up in her readings, and it’s reversed, so she thinks it’s a response to the January deadline embedded in the question. Maybe she’s not meant to figure this out by January, but if she tries hard enough she may be able to find a way to force a bad fit.

The Present Environment card is about business, organization, stability, and material success. It’s also reversed, which makes sense because it does not match her present reality. Apparently, the Obstacle in the way of business success and material wealth is the fact that she is supposed to be going through a transformation. The Death card represents permanent change, and it consistently appears in her readings. She knows it means that she needs to get rid of the old to make way for the new. These cards apply to the question — the positions that she has applied for would not represent a very dramatic transition. Unfortunately, she has not figured out what the new reality is supposed to look like.

The Hopes and Dreams card represents authority, expertise, organization, stability, and structure. She attributes the appearance of this card to the question that was asked.

The Difficulties in the Past card represents a fresh start. It is an early phase of action, a seed. She sees this card a lot, but usually it is not in the past. Maybe the pace of change will start to pick up now?

The Last of the Present card also represents the journey. One interpretation of the Chariot is that she is a passenger, and there is nothing she can do at this point to change the pace or alter the course. She is very familiar with this card. Due to its position, she sees it as confirmation that the time of waiting may be over.

The First of the Future card represents new beginnings, intensity, enthusiasm, and creative energy. She hopes it’s true. That is exactly what she wants. Unfortunately, she’s not sure what she has to do to make sure it actually happens.

The Future Environment card tells her that she needs to rely on blind faith and/or that she needs to make a choice to end the stalemate. It indicates that fear may be preventing her from seeing something about the situation. She doesn’t think she’s scared, but there is definitely a lot about this choice that she just can’t see.

The Outer Influences card represents celebration and group activities. She has been taking small steps toward building a network, so this card could be further encouraging those actions. It could also be a warning to avoid destructive self-indulgence. It could also be something as general as the current time frame, which includes the holidays.

The Hope and Fear card also represents a transformation. The Tower is about shattering delusions and realizing the truth. The truth destroys whatever is imprisoning you and changes your life so you can rebuild on a new foundation. She sees this card a lot too, but she isn’t sure what it means. Her old job is gone — upheaval accomplished. Is there more that needs to happen? She has to admit the whole process hasn’t been very sudden or painful, so maybe there is another shift that needs to occur. And that possibility does inspire Hope and Fear.

She is disappointed to see that the Outcome card indicates change will not be coming any time soon. Growing from a seed takes a lot of work and a lot of time. The Outcome card tells her to pay attention to the process and do what she can to make progress, but she can’t make the crop grow any faster. Patience is getting tough for her. This card is also reversed, so maybe she won’t have to wait after all? Maybe she will actually get the inspiration that seems possible from her other future cards (also reversed)? Maybe the January deadline in the question means the cards are accounting for a sudden jump onto a different path?

As always, she ends this process with the same questions she had when she started. Despite this, she’s happy. For her, this is a time to sit quietly and contemplate how she can make connections between the cards and her situation. She is trying to develop her intuition, and this is a nice opportunity to look at life from a more external viewpoint. Having all the answers would be nice, but thankfully, it’s not a requirement for staying on the path.

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