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  • Three Poems

    Snake-skinned, I leave my casings / in your underwear drawer / Your dirty sock pile flakes with chrysalis / you look skyward, find me / sliming up the wall next to your closet. / I hoped you wouldn't slam the door. Poetry by H. V. Cramond

  • A Dog’s Life

    What happened to Graham was so amazing that he wanted to tell someone. He thought about telling his teacher, but he knew she would tell him to stop dreaming and concentrate on his homework. He wanted to tell his friends, but he knew they would laugh at him and make fun of him. He just gave up. He never told anyone. For years and years and years, he kept the secret.
    Children’s Fiction by Anonymous

  • Two Poems

    let the buyer beware of the window / the empty skies may serve for a looking-glass / and be meadows under the green fields / of turned-up furrows Poetry by Christopher Mulrooney

  • The Other End

    “Just tell ‘em to back off,” the voice said again. “We don’t want no trouble.” / Something bubbled inside Jacob. He gripped the phone tighter. / “I don’t give a shit what you want,” he said. He surprised himself as much as Mary. His voice sounded strange. / “We don’t want no trouble,” the other man repeated, more urgently this time. / “Well, you’re gonna get it,” Jacob snarled. “Don’t call here again.” Fiction by Matt Galletta

  • Magnificent Obsession: Fall in the Garden

    My garden is always a jungle by September, but the arrival of my third child in August made for a particularly spectacular explosion this year. Seeing work that needed to be done everywhere certainly drove me crazy, but I also enjoyed the chaos. Photography by Blythe Hurley

  • Three Poems

    An old couple, at the exact same / moment, or a moment later, make sounds / similar to when they first met. / Now with more cracks, more loose groaning / and slapping of flesh.
    Poetry by Tony Mancus

  • The Fool’s Journey

    The Death card represents permanent change, and it consistently appears in her readings. She knows it means that she needs to get rid of the old to make way for the new. These cards apply to the question — the positions that she has applied for would not represent a very dramatic transition. Unfortunately, she has not figured out what the new reality is supposed to look like.
    By Christine Chase

  • Where the Cat Got Its Kink

    The other tale, no pun intended, tells of a feline couple who went in search of a missing goblet from the temple they called home. They searched the jungle and found the sacred vessel. The cats agreed that the male would return to the temple to alert the priests while the female would stay and guard the goblet. The lady cat twisted her tail around the goblet to secure and protect it. By Tom Chlipala


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