Haiku Sequence
By Angela Mesaros

Walls, walls I wanted
for so many years I waited,
something to stare at.

Outside my window
leaves rustle as children play,
welcome distractions

how dare you laugh here
we don’t like happy people,
be sad or move on.

Lunchtime in my yard
disregard the mulberries
eaten by critters.

Is something funny?
I hear them in the garage.
Mechanics’ humor.

You know how I feel
about religious pursuits
involving no food.


Little babies sit
for very little moments
then they crawl away.

That’s not for babies.
Please, don’t put that in your mouth!
NO that's for Mommies!!

Pillow, my pillow
my lovely, lovely pillow
remote?...ahh pillow.


Two Haiku Sequences
By Dylan Smith

Wet squirrels besieged
our home this soggy A.M.
Cats strangely nonplussed.


Ouside my window
angry robin perceives threats,
attacks glass with zeal.


Ginkgo biloba
living fossil, ancient tree
silver apricot.


Was that a beaver?
Perhaps we saw a wombat!
Nope, just a woodchuck.


Oh, tiramisu.
Moist, sticky ladyfingers.
Such sexy dessert.


The taste of honey.
Visions of my larval youth

fade into gray skies.



From “haiku-bombing the interwebz”

Oh, to be that cake
frosted anticipation
betwixt gleaming thighs



Chain smoking girl gang
at county fair, feathered hair,
camel toes triumphant.



eighties bikinis,
hips shake in their thunderous
afterburnt exhaust




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