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Surfing the Internet to Go Green

More and more people are changing their lives to become more eco-friendly, but some may not know where to start. I feel that starting with the simple things is often the best way. This includes recycling paper, cans, and plastic; using energy-efficient appliances; using Green cleaning products; and using your car less and public transportation more. Every little bit helps!

The following websites offer readers more tips on how to go Green:

  1. Eco-Cupscious: This site is a green blog covering various eco-friendly topics. It’s not all about products to buy, but also covers what you can do to make a difference.

  2. Great Green Goods: This is another green blog. I have been amazed by the innovative methods they have come up with to reuse household items. Ever thought of turning your old neckties into wallets?!

  3. EVO: This site provides a huge selection of green products, services, and information offered by more than 1,200 handpicked vendors. You can find information on everything from hybrid vehicles to home furnishings to beauty products to food. It seems like anything and everything under the sun is at this site.

  4. Green Maven:  This site hosts over 10,000 green websites. Their mission is “to grow the green economy by leveraging the power of the collective Internet.”

  5. Happy Hippie: This is an eco-friendly retail directory. They don’t sell anything here—they just point you in the right direction. They have a barter section, a knowledge center, and a forum for chatting with others interested in the Green movement.

  6. The Green Workplace: Many of us make an effort to be Earth friendly at home but don't think about how our work-related behavior can impact the environment. This blog attempts to address issues of sustainability that benefit employees, the environment, and a business’s bottom line.
Good luck in your quest to become more eco-friendly! If you find other helpful sites, email us and we’ll put together another helpful list.

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