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  • My Relationship with Mindy Had This Weird Correspondence to the American Civil War, Part III

    “Look,” she said, “there’s something I need to tell you. I think you’re a fantastic guy and all, and I’ve had a great time being with you, but your penis is just way, way too big. Seriously, I need to find someone I’m more physically compatible with.” Fiction by Steve Spaulding

  • C.E. Chaffin’s Unexpected Light: A Review

    The gesture toward revelation, a qualified series of truths, sets up a dynamic throughout this collection that challenges the reader to question not only the poems, but also the notion of truth itself. Can “truth” be represented within an artificially generated, straightforward rhyme scheme?
    By Erica Bernheim

  • Two Poems

    here weeds, not flowers, / mark memories; / and exhaust / throws incense / over the dead
    by Karl Miller

  • Magnificent Obsession: Spring in the Garden

    I like this image because it illustrates how urban my garden feels in the spring before everything leafs out. Normally we can’t see those buildings because there’s a tall privet hedge there, but during the spring there’s no illusion of privacy. Photography by Blythe Hurley

  • Three Poems

    Rand and Brennan, with very different facial expressions, exit the parking lot by entering the backdrop, which is a Wal-Mart storefront. As they leave, homelessly dirty Wal-Mart employees (excepting the standard blue vest) shower the couple with smiley-face confetti and broken shoelaces.
    Poetry by David Brennan

  • Love and Death in the Library

    Mrs. Buckner knew what had happened right away and went rigid. Mrs. Leonard and her first graders didn’t realize exactly what it was until they caught the awful sight of Wild Bill dragging his mangled and bleeding body out from under Mrs. Buckner’s chair. His hind legs were crushed in the mechanics of the chair. Blood and bile were pouring from his mouth and his guts looked to be hanging out from his side.
    Fiction by Matt McCarthy


  • Spotlight Sites

    Going Green

    More and more people are changing their lives to become more eco-friendly, but some may not know where to start. I feel that starting with the simple things is often the best way. This includes recycling paper, cans, and plastic; using energy-efficient appliances; using Green cleaning products; and using your car less and public transportation more. Every little bit helps!

    By Erica Behnke

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