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  • Courting Permission

    There weren’t many people in the strip club on a Wednesday night. I walked up to the bar between two guys in suits; one guy had a girl in green draped around his neck like an overgrown medallion. She was taller than me. I could see the downy blond hairs on the small of her back.
    Prose and Artwork by Amy Bernays

  • Magnificent Obsession: Fall in the Garden

    My bee obsession continues. What’s not to like? / Photographing them is a great exercise in exerting logic over fear: you know they could care less about you as long as you don’t mess with them, but it’s still wild to get close enough to hear their wings.
    Photography by Blythe Hurley

  • Three Poems

    Frank the investor’s / pitted-plum musical taste / tepid and bland, / taxing, tiring, / marketed beat, / readerboard jazz / with the savorless horns / and that motivational, / trinkets-by-the-sea, / worldly groping... / Frank dances like / a shocked sea bass.
    Poetry by Ray Succre

  • WFMT and the Musical Medicine Cabinet

    For problems of the spirit, I choose the aspirin that is ABBA. For problems of the gumption, a little James Brown will go a long way. For problems of the sexy, Led Zeppelin is the overwhelmingly recommended balm. But for problems involving the opening of the eyes in the morning, the safest way to go is classical. If you do this, eight times out of ten, you will avoid waking up furious.
    By Denise Pace

  • Abduction

    Far west a storm died, / telegraphing a swell: / stone-holds were ruptured, / water-trees uprooted, / some with young bulbs / thin as the human amnion. Poetry by C.E. Chaffin

  • My Relationship with Mindy Had This Weird Correspondence to the American Civil War

    I’m one of those nonconfrontational people you hear about. Most people think we’re timid, that we’re afraid to stand up for ourselves. Actually, the truth is that we’ve been too well socialized. We never expect confrontation. We expect conversation, negotiation, and always that the other person will make an effort to understand our point of view. When we find ourselves suddenly at war, well, we slip gears. Stall out. And so I stood there with my mouth open, groping for a comeback.
    by Steve Spaulding

  • The Arboretum in October

    If you live in the Chicagoland area, you should already know that the Morton Arboretum is an incredible place that’s worth a visit for anyone who loves the outdoors. Of course the crowds always appear along with the fall colors, but the Arboretum is much more than just autumn leaves. Photography by Blythe Hurley


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