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  • Warsaw-Istanbul Express

    There is a pigeon watching us from a gargoyle. He flies down and limps over. He grows legs, one shorter than the other, and clambers with his human legs and pigeon body unto the chair next to us. Ahem, he says. Ahem, we answer back. He squawks, and our legs disappear and we sprout wings from our eyes. Now we are blind, but we can fly. By Alice Haisman

  • This Carnival

    “We are about to reach our destination. So Simon says, put your hands on your head. Simon says, put your hands on your heart. Simon says, calculate the exact nature of your misery. Simon says, confess all your transgressions. Simon says, what makes you think youíre so special?”
    Poetry by Erika Mikkalo

  • One in Six

    In my mind, I had pictured more bees. Had there been bees all over Paul’s arm while he gently stole their lifeís work, I suppose the whole moment might have seemed more extraordinary.
    Fiction by Ken Brosky

  • The Two Ericas, Part Deux

    When monkeys escape or your car breaks down / When you need to get away from an angry clown / It’s really great, it’s super fine / To have a friend whose name is the same as mine!
    by Steve Spaulding

  • The Elephants

    “This machine kills fascists!” I shouted at the translator. “This machine kills me! This machine kills you! This machine was invented to the express end of destroying all life on earth! This machine will not be content until we are ground to a fine paste beneath its wheels. It is a juggernaut!” Poetry by Erika Mikkalo

  • Big-Top Poppycock

    While Sarah Palin was mayor, the town of Wasilla, Alaska changed city policy to require that sexual assault victims (in the state with the highest sexual assault rate in the country, mind you!) pay an average of about a thousand dollars for their own rape kits. In other words, the name of the game for sexual assault victims as far as Mayor Palin was concerned was “The Best Justice Money Can Buy.” By Patrick Russell


  • Sights and Sounds

    Magnificent Obsession: Summer in the Garden

    Who can pay any attention to the background when this thing is there to be ogled? Is it a crown for a three-year-old fairy princess, or a space-age sex toy, or perhaps a bioluminescent sea creature hesitantly crawling out of its shell? Whatever it makes you think of, itís stunning.
    Photography by Blythe Hurley

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