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  • Tough Guy

    I got to know Tough Guy. He was very shy and very polite and one of the nicest people I ever met. Eventually I asked him about the switchblade.
    By Graham Harry Smith

  • Three Poems

    salt melts / and ladybirds / wriggle / from beneath rot Poetry by Ashok Niyogi

  • People Who Never Strayed Far

    We speculate endlessly on the lives of my grandmother’s parents. Why did they never speak of Ireland? How, as immigrants, did they make such a fortune? Who did they leave behind in the old country — if anyone? No one will ever know.
    By Sarah Cunningham

  • Seven Spring Haiku

    so eager to please / eyes begin to see new life / the new weight of age Poetry by Patrick Hurley

  • Whoever Told You Life Was Fair?

    Before college, I believed that all adults were mature and reasonable people. I truly thought that when I grew up and joined the adult world, I would be a part of a club in which everything is fair and everyone agrees on what is true and moral.
    By Jordana Adler

  • The Tasting Game

     “It’s easy,” she said, looking at her three participants. “I’m going to spoon something into your mouth while your eyes are closed. You have to guess what it is.” FICTION by Gabrielle Sierra

  • Three Poems

    I’ve always loved Green Acres, especially the episode about the “pore key” that you have to turn to close the pores of your house before you paint it, otherwise the walls will absorb all the paint and the house will end up looking as ratty as before. Poetry by Mark Cunningham


  • Spotlight Site

    How to Waste Your Time on the Internet and Still Feel Good About Yourself

    There is a feminist bent to Jezebel, and it’s the kind of feminism I like: intelligent, sex positive, and with a never-ending “we’re just not gonna take this shit” kind of attitude. Instead of bewailing the existence of strip clubs, they instead point out the stupidity of laws mandating pasties (and find a great picture to go along with the piece).
    By Blythe Hurley

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