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The Rantings of Eugene D. Moore
Part III: The Final Chapter?

By Carter O'Brien

Below is the third and final installment of a 10-page letter from Eugene D. Moore, who is currently a guest of the Minnesota State Correctional Facility in Stillwater, MN. http://info.doc.state.mn.us/publicviewer/Inmate.asp?OID=152264

Eugene Profile Eugene Front    Eugene sent this letter to "The Field Museum of the Science Museum" after reading in a news clipping that the Field Museum had purchased the fossilized bones of Sue, a Tyrannosaurus rex. The letter concludes with a daring plan, a dubious motive, a questionable promise, and a sinister, startling discovery…

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Page Seven        All World News

When I sent letters to some ministers asking to help, and I have asked some ministers to help in this project, and they should let me know if they will, because there may come a day when the people all over the earth will be asked to give their gifts of gold, silver, bronze, iron and wood, onyx, turquoise, colored gems, and all kinds of precious stones and marble, and money from each country in order to get the things needed to build this new temple for the coming of the lord, and it would be built in Jerusalem. But there may only be seven places where the people may send their gifts for that temple. But as of yet there is not any addresses giving for anyone to send anything so hold onto your gifts until the day comes. But in the mean time people all over the earth should do whatever it would take to help get me out of prison here at Oak Park Heights 5329 Osgood Avenue North in Stillwater, Minnesota 55082-1117. But don't send any gifts to this address, but anyone may send me letters to me Eugene D. Moore. But the people should help to get me out of prison so that I could do my Job for the coming of the lord our God and for Jesus Christ and I could prove that people in the law lied about me in Brainerd Minnesota right after the accidental death of my wife on 11-12-1988, where I never got a fair trial at all in 1988 to 1990, and people in the law in Brainerd they will need to pay me $800 million dollars because of the crime that they themselves in the law have done in my case in 1989 to 1990 in Brainerd Minnesota. And I have promised that if I get out of prison and if I get that $800 million dollars from them in the law I have promised to give one half of that money to help pay to build this new temple for the coming of the lord.

Page Eight        All World News

Eugene's temple? And some of the money that I would have left over from the $800 million dollars some of it would may also go to each of my children because of the crime that people in the law have done in 1989 to 1990. But if I don't get out of prison soon it will be too late to save anyone on the earth or it may be too late to do anything to stop this world from going to hell. I need the help of the people all over the earth to help get me out of prison soon; and on the day of 1972 when the lord God spoke to me from the fire of a burning bush and I was to go to Egypt and to Israel, and the lord God told me that I was also to set prisoners free all over the earth, but before that day when I set any prisoners' free I will bring Justice to all nations and the Jewish nation will become a leading world power during this time! And I should become the first world president over every country; now reading the bible in ISIAH 42:1 –4 the lords servant. It says here is my servant! I have made him strong, he is my chosen one: I am pleased with him and it says I have given him my spirit and he will bring Justice to the nations. 2 he won't shout or yell or call out in the streets. 3 he won't break off a bent reed or put out a dying flame, but he will make sure that Justice is done. 4 he won't quit or give up until he brings Justice everywhere on earth. And people in foreign nations long for his teaching; and I Eugene D. Moore is against the crime that some people in the law are doing in the united states when people in the law in Florida are trying 13 year old children by a court of law as if that child is an adult when they are only a child or a Juvenile and should be tried as a child!

Page Nine        All World News

People that can't help to save the world or help save the people. Then people don't care if they themselves go to hell. And now here is more about the writings by Dr. Blagner. It said that a man known as the anti-christ will emerge in the southern united states. And he will be a charismatic leader who will gather millions of followers worldwide. And he will unleash a whirlwind of death and destruction- but he will be killed by his own people; and no I Eugene D. Moore is not the anti-christ because if I had that power I would have been out of prison long time ago, and I know that the devil has also worked against me in court in 1989 as I was in court on the accidental death of my wife Debra. Because the accidental death of my wife on 11-12-1988. and the devil tried to get me to kill myself in court in 1989, and I could prove that I never got a fair trial in 1988 to 1990, because of the "Judge Clinton W. Wyant", and because of the state public defender max ruttger of Brainerd Minnesota in 1988 to 1990 where those people in the law in Brainerd they themselves in the law they should have been put into prison because of their own crime in 1989 to 1990, But now here is more writings by Dr. Blagner, it said that a massive comet will strike the earth somewhere in Asia and it will kill millions and spreading choking fallout that will kill millions more over the following weeks, and it says that dead loved ones will appear to men, and women and children all over the earth, bringing them assurances of God's love, and a new continent will rise from the sea – a glorious, shining place of light. And hope. The giant land mass will be home for the chosen few who will be allowed to live there in immorality – far from the floods and fire and famine that will

Page Ten last page        All World News

Eugene's temple? Ravage the planet, and a war between two major powers will be declared, Just three days later, "and a mighty weapon from the arsenal of satan" will destroy most of the middle east, including the areas now known as turkey, IRAN and IRAQ. Angels will appear on earth and beg mankind to repent while there's still time but mankind will be so set in their evil ways that only few will be saved. Dr. Blagner says that after he found the ancient scriptures he thought long and hard before informing the world of his discovery. And he says that many of his colleagues believe as early Christians did, that these recently found prophecies should have remained hidden. "But Dr. Blagner says that he believes that , as the final days that each person should be warned so that he or she could make peace with God; and I Eugene D. Moore is not speaking against what Dr. Blagner has said in that news add, in fact with what we both have said it should help to prove the truth that some of it is happening right now. And anyone with good understanding and common sense people could see the things that are happening in this world and should then understand that we all are in the last days. But as for anyone known the day or the hour only God knows that. But it could End any day in 2001 to 2005, and me and some other people have also seen a very large snake it was about one hundred feet long and some people gave to the large snake a five or a six year old child in 1971. and there will be more of them coming back to life with dinosaurs. I am Eugene D. Moore the messenger of God at Oak Park Heights 5329 Osgood Avenue North Stillwater MN 55082. I should not be in prison at all.

Well, he wrapped that up nicely, didn't he? When I first read this letter, I thought Eugene was a fairly harmless guy – until I got to the part about the "accidental" death of his wife. My bet is the only thing accidental about it was that he got busted. As I read the very last part, it also occurred to me that feeding a small child to a large snake suggests some sort of odd cult thing, perhaps?

God only knows what he would actually do if he became the "president of all the world's countries" and got his $800 million and his temple. Apparently it'd be a giant snake orgy of child sacrifice.

I also found this statement very disturbing: "The giant land mass will be home for the chosen few who will be allowed to live there in immorality." Immorality? Was that a typo or not? You never know with this guy.

Anyway, be sure NOT to send him any gifts at the prison (he'll let you know when he can accept them), and keep an eye out for T. rexes running down the highway in Minnesota, especially if they speak English as if they were human…


Full details in Issue 4!

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