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  • Bodhi-Santa

    You know how even the best Santa suits look like Halloween outfits? Well, this guy’s suit looked like you could actually wear it at the North Pole -- that white fur trim was definitely not for show. His cheeks were rosy. His eyes were merry. And I knew what the first words out of his mouth would be before he even saidthem.
    By Steve Spaulding

  • Aldermaniacs!

    As local pundits have noted, no longer do we have to resign ourselves to a club of compliant aldermen in City Hall. In 2006 a host of unruly upstarts is rising up to challenge the status quo and demand change, and while I have chosen to focus on only a few, there are many more. By Carter O'Brien

  • Three Poems

    So simple, / the shine, & so beautiful. Its beauty may put you in shock. Poetry By Nate Pritts

  • Quick, Call Corporate Headquarters

    Young, old, blue-collar folks and suits sit side by side with the tattooed customers; white, black, and Hispanic individuals converse cordially. As diverse as Chicago is, you usually don’t encounter such a mix under a single roof the way you do here.
    By Al Deru

  • Where Seldom Is Heard

    Just behind her, on a high shelf against the wall so that it looks like it’s over her head, a stuffed eagle swoops down, talons tangled in her dark hair. She senses me looking at her and blows me a kiss. My insides shimmy a little, Pavlovian.
    FICTION By Tod Marshall


  • From the Publisher

    According to Me, Jim Belushi Is a Jackass

    I don't necessarily hate Jim Belushi the man. I hate the fact that he has appeared in countless television programs and almost 50 films while his infinitely more talented brother starred in only one television program and five films. But what I hate even more about him is that in the last 25 years, Jim Belushi has somehow become "the Face of Chicago." Somehow this hack, this Lesser Belushi, has come to represent me and the city that I hold dear.
    By Geary Yonker

  • Activism

    All Hail the Globe of Death

    If you don’t know what kind of circus you like, you can follow the links below to help you in your decision-making process. Just keep in mind: suffering is degrading to everyone, and nothing beats the combined spectacle of contortionists and The Globe of Death! By Heather Egland

  • Sounds

    MNR - Monkey Navigated Robots

    MNR is a recent collaboration of four experienced Raleigh, North Carolina, area musicians. The project began in the summer of 2006 and is just beginning to play live dates. They plan to appear frequently in the mid-Atlantic region in the coming year. These two tracks were recorded and mixed at Bongo John Studios during the last two weeks of November 2006 as part of a promotional EP.

    Hank Smith: Banjo
    Leo Kishore: Bass
    John Metcalf: Percussion
    Mike Babyak: Guitar, Steels

    Other Projects: Hank and Leo are members of Barefoot Manner, a popular jamgrass act that tours the region; John is a member of Zegg, a pop-funk act in the Raleigh area; Mike Babyak leads a jazz-blues act called Mike Babyak's Triple Fret.

  • Sounds

    the artic sea EP


    written and performed by project:skeleton

Cover: © 2006, Geary Yonker

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