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  • Eight Rooms

    Room #7: Pale green with lavender undertones. A man holding 5 cups of rain. Poetry By Daniela Olszewska

  • Into the Dandelion’s Den

    Thank Jeebus that the Krauts finally managed to solve the worldwide problem of not fully attentive fruit flies and meeces out there. How we lasted this long with these critters forgetting their car keys and leaving the iron on at home when they go out is beyond me. By Patrick Russell

  • Dear Twin Falls

    We manage the kindling, / build lattices of dry sticks, faced open to the wind / to catch & push the fire out & up to the temper- / ature at which fat burns clean off the bone. Poetry By Ryan Collins

  • Excerpts from The Code Switchers , a Novel in Progress

    That made three major insults, one for every day he’d been in the country so far. Three is a magic number, he mused, because three days in Haiti was enough to make him think that maybe the place would be better off if someone just carpet bombed it. Fiction By Rone Shavers

  • Leisure Time That Does Not Involve Leisure

    The invitations, catering, musicians, and ceremony and reception venues had all been lined up in advance, but the four weeks preceding the wedding were still relatively nutty. I’d had no idea that a wedding was such an all-consuming affair. My support for the legalization of gay marriage just dropped to nil. By Sarah Petersen

  • I Will Grind Your Bones With My Many Teeth

    I want to declare to the world that I revel in the violence of pairing purple with red. That I tire of sincerity and heartfelt gestures. That I live to disdain that which I can’t identify with. Ooh, me so scorny. By Heather Egland

  • An Afternoon on the River

    One of Chicago’s claims to fame is that it is home to more moveable bridges than any other city in the world, and many of the ones we were to travel past that day were old and stately. They project a strength and durability that fits this city’s blue-collar image. By Al Deru

  • Baby, What Kind of Help Do You Really Want?

    How satisfying to dream of / floating, at any moment to find / his long eyes again, the drifting / hood of a green aubade. Poetry By Kristy Odelius


  • From the Publisher

    Salmon and Spawning

    We must not only think globally and act locally but also think tribally. I understand if you do not want to bring yet another person into this world, but what about bringing yet another good person into this world? By Geary Yonker

  • Activism

    Backyard Battles

    The 30th ward was won by 66 votes and we know we were responsible for those votes. We knocked on hundreds of doors and asked for the votes of hundreds of people. We did this with nothing more than determination, and if we could do this in Chicago versus “the Machine,” then Democrats nationwide can do the same against the Republicans this fall. By Geary Yonker

  • Letters to the Editor

    Generally speaking, these lights are on timers and therefore the intersection gets considerably less busy when the side road is tagged in — not unlike Macho Man Randy Savage tagging in George “The Animal” Steele in a tag-team match against Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. Actually, Savage and Steele were both completely kick-ass wrestlers and therefore that’s a horrible analogy.

  • Sounds

    Jesus Folk Song Book

    The Horrible Truth

    it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life

    Heather Egland, piano and vocals
    Geary Yonker, bass, percussion, and chord organ

Cover: © 2006, Josh Honn

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