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  • 10 Centimeters

    During our pregnancies, the cervical dilation chart reminded us again and again that 10 was the magic number, because the first stage of labor occurs from the time true labor begins until the cervix is completely dilated, or 10cm. Here’s how each of us got to 10. By Blythe Hurley, Christina O’Brien, and Sarah Repel

  • Four Poems

    At The Paradise Hotel / the jazz man in the velvet / jacket croaks love songs / with a voice as cold and slimy / and vulnerable as a frog’s belly. Poetry by James Pate

  • Beat

    I hear a car door slam and tires screech. A dust cloud of exhaust, gasoline, burnt rubber fills the air around me and makes the cuts on my face and head seem to sting more sharply. Fiction by Matt McCarthy

  • Wave Train

    The St. Croix River From the Gordon Dam to Danbury, Part I

    The St. Croix National Scenic Riverway begins in northwestern Wisconsin at the St. Croix Flowage and runs 154 miles to the Mississippi River. We were coming up from Chicago to paddle the first 32 miles in three days, from the Gordon Dam to the town of Danbury, WI. By Geary Yonker

  • First Weeks

    For you, who I did not name… Poetry by Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    The second in a series of pieces sharing the experiences of a 30-something going back to law school after years away from the academic scene. By Sarah Petersen

  • Don’t Bogart That Toad, My Friend

    Okay, now under other circumstances, I’d probably say that this letter from the Q/A section of the daily newspaper in Hays, Kansas, should just be left to speak for itself. However, I’m not entirely convinced that I’ll have the wherewithal to just let this one lie. By Patrick Russell

  • Burn Baby Burn

    A Few Short Words on the Rite of Baptism

    No, I do not believe that babies are evil. I do not believe that babies are good, either. By Steve Spaulding

  • The Unpolishable Turd

    A Review of Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed!

    I bought this book with the intent of writing a review based on both its creative merits and on factual accuracy. However, after reading it, I was simply flabbergasted at how this ever got published. By Carter O’Brien


  • From the Publisher

    Bum Rush the Bitch

    I am sick and tired of the Jean Schmidts (R-OH), the Ann Coulters, and their ilk shooting off their overly-lipsticked mouths on behalf of the rest of the chicken hawks. By Heather Egland

  • Activism

    Life After Alito

    A Course of Action After He Is Confirmed

    Planned Parenthood, People For the American Way, and other such groups are all going to fight the Alito nomination tooth and nail. And it will all be for nothing. Alito’s confirmation cannot be stopped. By Geary Yonker

  • Spotlight Site

    The Antithesis of Profound

    I am focusing on the “pure crap” portion of the internet here. I guarantee that nothing discussed in this piece has any value at all beyond laughter or befuddlement. By Joe Martinez

  • Sounds


    Communist Bakesale

    Performed live on 11/19/2005 at Staccato in Washington, DC

    Words and Music by Eric Fuller, Copyright 1998

    Patrick Cullom, guitar, vocals
    Eric Fuller, guitar, vocals
    Andy Myatt, bass, vocals
    Mat, drums

Cover: © 2006, Keri Smith

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