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The Brilliant Flash of Almost

I am giddy glad with hope that basketball on the highest level looks as if it’s come back to cheer us up. The 0-9 start must have done something horrifying to the Bulls that we don't know anything about.
By Ken Nordine

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Thirty-Two Seconds

The giant airship Hindenburg hovered virtually motionless less than 250 feet above the Naval Air Station at Lakehurst, NJ, having all but completed her first American flight of the 1937 season.
By Patrick Russell

Attack of the Giant Jesus

At first we were thinking an army of midget Jesuses, to swarm the country and overwhelm godlessness in the dark corners and alleyways where it hides. But, in the end, we decided one giant Super Christ was more cost effective, and more importantly, more in keeping with America's tradition of doing things big. Fiction by Matt McCarthy

Capable Illusions

The invention of language means / you and I separated at birth. / That our bodies have form means / we know. We feel. We fall. We / get up every morning confident / you and I make a mess of things. Poetry by Julia Beach

Fear Not the Pink Stuff

Here in the states we have come to think of “pink wine” as sweet, cheap, mass-produced juice often sold in large format. Blush or rosé wine, however, has another style that is quite dry, very versatile, and most deserving of a place in your kitchen. By Al Dereu

Irrational Fears

Consider this: logically, we are aware that bed sheets will not prevent that imagined, nightmarish, phantom blade from slicing off our toes, and yet there are those among us who never let their feet hang off the bed uncovered, at least not consciously. By Erica Bernheim

Nevermourning: Sunset Portrait at Westminster

Lights down at seven in a city of unquarried emotion and chainsaw love; / I have lost my way again on the gnarled grey road to salvation. Poetry by Philip Douglas Harjung

An Analysis of “The Trip in the Monitor to… Mars”

Some people might think that a 34-year-old woman critiquing a story her boyfriend wrote when he was 9 is kind of bullying. But I say it’s a form of empowerment. By Team ChlipalaPace

One Giant Step

I’m about to take what, for me, is a very giant step. I’m getting married. I know people do it every day, but I still feel that this is immensely important and a little scary. By Christine Chase

The Army’s Seaglass

Summer on the base meant almost daily trips to the beach armed with packed coolers and sunscreen. And each child, somewhere, had a jar: a marvelous jar where they would stash any treasure they came across, be it a small piece of driftwood or, more often, seaglass. Fiction by Julie Dereu

This Time Unlike Spring

The arrangement of this moment depends / upon the speed at which I move through the landscape / and the herd of angry farmers in the field / putting down the fevered cattle in the cool / October light of early morning reason. Poetry by Julia Beach

The Big Fish

Suck spoke to the grunts on the front lines who saw the mistakes being made at the top but lacked the power to do anything about it. It was snarky and sarcastic about topics that were too square to be snarky and sarcastic about anywhere else. By Matt Sharkey


From the Publisher

The Sun Rises in Kansas

In May 2005, the Kansas Board of Education held hearings to discuss incorporating the theory of intelligent design into its curriculum. Well I believe in a different theory of how this great land was created. I believe in a creator. That creator is Paul Bunyan. By Pontiac Askum


The Truth in Black and White

Even though the Downing Street Memo proves once and for all that the Bush administration lied and fabricated evidence leading up to the war in Iraq, it has received virtually no attention from the mainstream American media. By Geary Yonker

Spotlight Site

Fighting the Only Good Fight

The researchers at comb hundreds of publications around the globe, digging up stories that a single person would never be able to find for themselves. The breadth of the sources is truly epic; from FoxNews to Al-Jazeera, they find stuff that you will not want to believe due to the pure, righteous indignation it may induce. By Joe Martinez


Where’s Denise?

Sugar Bush

Blythe Hurley, keyboard
Matt McCarthy, guitar
Tina O’Brien, drums
Steve Spaulding, vocals

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