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The Farm

Welcome to the Farm

It's February and up here at the Farm we like to call this month "National Don't-Bring-the-Cows-Into-the-House-No-Matter-How-Many-Times-They-Ask Month."

Cow Remember folks: Cows can weigh thousands of pounds. Most older farmhouses do not have the new "cow-bearing" floors that many modern homes have. Also, cows can't speak. If you're currently having problems with begging and pleading bovines, call your local 4H Club for assistance.

Many thanks to Webmistress Monica Schrager: She makes this world go around. And to Editor-in-Chief Tina Dunlap, who would tell me not to start a sentence with a conjunction.

Now, without further ado, here's your quarterly dose of stories, opinions, photos, and experiences hastily slapped together into something we like to call ... TOYS.

Keep going.

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