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The Rantings of Eugene D. Moore
Part II: Blueprints for the Temple

By Carter O'Brien

Below is the second installment of a 10-page letter from Eugene D. Moore, who is currently a guest of the Minnesota State Correctional Facility in Stillwater, MN. http://info.doc.state.mn.us/publicviewer/Inmate.asp?OID=152264

Eugene Front Eugene Profile Eugene sent this letter to "The Field Museum of the Science Museum" after reading in a news clipping that the Field Museum had purchased the fossilized bones of Sue, a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Much to my alarm, I noticed a few weeks ago that his release date had been changed from 2087 to 2007, but now under Release Date it says “Life Sentence - Contact corecords@co.doc.state.mn.us for release information.”

WARNING: Reading the next few pages may cause some disorientation.

(Part I for reference)

Page Four All World News

Read in Revelation 21: 22-23 two bright lights. God & the lamb

Now here is more about the writings of Dr. Blagner, it said that a massive comet will strike the earth somewhere in asia, killing millions and spreading choking fallout that will kill millions more over the following weeks, and it said dead loved ones will appear to men, women and children all over the world, bringing them assurances of God love. And it also said that mankind will finally link up with beings from other planets and the communication between alien and human civilizations will confirm the supremacy of God throughout the universe; and I Eugene D, Moore has spoke with human life from two planets. The human life from one planet the people are the same size as the people are on the earth, and they look as human as anyone on the earth and they speak English; and the human life from one planet the people are very very small people. And this is the some of the secrets of God about these small people are more intelligent than anyone on the earth and they too look as human as anyone on the earth, and they too speak English. And you could hold these small people in your one hand because they are only about seven inches high and are about the size of barbie dolls! And yes I could prove what I say because I know some people on the earth that have some of them small people. They also have some of the small flying saucers that are only about three feet wide and only about 18 inches high! One small flying saucer could be worth about ten million dollars with the intelligents to make it larger. I have seen them in 1965. 1972. 1973. 1980!

Page Five All World News

The Old Prison And I know some people that have some of them small people and some of the small flying saucers; and this may help to prove that I am a messenger of God. Because God spoke to me from the fire of a burning bush down south in Minnesota right after me and my wife debra moore had seen two bright lights flying in the sky each one under their own power. And they were round like a ball of light and it was in the day time hours and we could see that they were not like any space ships at all . and we heard the voice of a man and the voice of a woman. And after they came down that is when I went to see what I could find out what they are. And that is when God spoke to me from the fire of a burning bush. But yet the bush was not burning up and everything that what it says in the bible in Acts 7:30 – 34 it was all said to me all in the same way. And I was to go to Egypt and to Israel I was to go there after the lord God spoke to me from the burning bush that year of 1972. and I asked him how was I to get there walk I didn’t have any money to get there. Then in the year about 1990 or 1992 some of the people saw them same bright lights flying in the day time sky. But this time there were three of them bright lights in the sky each one flying under their own power. But one of them were smaller than the other two because one was a boy child. And I saw them that time on T.V. 5 news and I heard the voice of the child saying now Eugene will know that we are coming. And I believe that it was God and the wife of God and their son Jesus Christ, and in the bible it tells about the brightness of the lord’s glory that filled the temple. EZEKIEL 44:4; and there is a day coming when they will return the same way;

Page Six All World News

The New Prison Now read in the bible in PROVERBS 2: 1 – 9 it says my child, you must follow and treasure my teachings and my instructions 2. keep in tune with wisdom and think what it means to have common sense 3.Beg as loud as you can for good common sense 4 search for wisdom as you would search for silver or hidden treasure 5. Then you will understand what it means to respect and to know the lord God 6. All wisdom comes from the lord. And so does common sense and good understanding 7. God he protects all of those who live as they should 8. God sees that justice is done, and he watches over everyone who is faithful to him 9. With wisdom you will learn what is right and honest and fair; and because God had spoke to me from the fire of a burning bush in th eyear of 1972 I know that I am the promised messenger as it says in the bible in MALACHI 3: 1 it says. I the lord all –powerful will send the lords messenger to prepare the way for the lord; and I believe that I am to build a new temple for the coming of the lord and this new temple should be built on Jerusalem and it should be made out of glass building blocks and a gold frame going around each glass building block frames made of pure gold. And some parts made of silver. And it will hold together in Earthquakes and the iron and all kinds of precious stones and marble would be used to build the open air-cathedral that would be all the way around the temple (cathedral 2100 Hundred feet wide. The Temple 940 feet wide each way). Then after it is made all made. Read in MALACHI 3: 1 then suddenly the lord you are looking for will appear in his temple; and I Eugene D. Moore the messenger is giving you the lords promise that he is coming soon.

Now we appear to get to the meat of the letter here – Eugene really should be working as a consultant for the X-Files, because it just doesn’t get any more bizarre than page 4. Flying saucers, big and small aliens (but they look human and speak English – what a coincidence!), but, alas, no more dinosaurs. His ability to recall specific dates is also impressive, until you realize that he couldn’t have seen anyone observing UFOs in 1990 or 1992 ‘cause he was in The Big House.

I’m not sure what to say about his messenger status, or the apparent marvel that the burning bush didn’t burn up (it’s apparently not very picky about whom it chooses for messenger status), or any of his interesting notes about common sense and wisdom (except for what he did to get thrown in the clink in the first place, but that’s coming up). I’m also not sure what the numbers were referencing, maybe his copy of the Weekly World News.

I also wonder if it was really God or just someone with inexplicably poor architectural taste that wants a temple built of glass, gold, precious stones, silver, marble, and iron. Sounds like the kind of thing Scrooge McDuck would think of. And if surviving an earthquake is on your list of priorities, wouldn’t glass appear to be a poor choice for the blocks of the temple? And if God can appear in a burning bush, why would a temple even be necessary? Could there be (gasp) ULTERIOR motives here?

Well, that’s it for now, more Eugene in the next issue!

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