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Welcome to the Farm

Toys Who Dies with the Most Toys …
Part 1 of 3

By Steve Spaulding
This is a story about a guy I used to work with named Bob Ivy, the “Toy King of Chicago.”

The Mighty Green Machine
By Carter O'Brien
There was a time as a child when I was the king of the world, master of all I could see, the hippest kid on the block.

Frank Capra Was Right!
By Joe Martinez
Christmas is a science like anything else.

The Best Toys
By Monica Schrager
The best toys and games were the ones that invented themselves somehow, or rather, the ones we invented.

Last Leg
By Matt McCarthy
Scott was tired of waiting and he was beginning to get hungry.

Discovering Lust
By Blythe Smith
I was sixteen years old when I first discovered the concept of lust.

By Rhiannon Brown
Viv knew she should stop opening the boxes, but she couldn't. With Pandora's curiosity she kept on, daring herself to remember.

The Rantings of Eugene D. Moore
Part II: Blueprints for the Temple

By Carter O'Brien
The second installment of a 10-page letter from Eugene D. Moore, who is currently a guest of the Minnesota State Correctional Facility in Stillwater, MN.

5 Poems
By Dru Trioxide
A Lack Thereof; Carol Fell; Shades; Subversive; Welcome Reminder

Male Bag
By Tina Dunlap
This guy never wrote me anything, but he did draw me a picture. And I wrote something about the night he drew me this picture.

What the hell happened and what do we do now?
By geary yonker
You can blame a broken system, but it does not change the result of that system.

The Bible, Beanstalks, and Pure NO2:
The reason why productivity was down for the fourth quarter of 2000

An email exchange between Chris Kowalski, Joe Martinez, and Geary Yonker
Okay, here's the scenario. You're working on your farm one day when you hear a thunderous roar.

Fall at the Farm (Photos)
By Monica Schrager

Wintering at the Farm (Photos)
By Geary Yonker and Heather Egland


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