Veto Demockracy

Punkvoter has evolved as one of many entities to help us all wash our hands of Mr. Bush and expose his deMOCKracy for what it truly has become: a mockery.

What is Punkvoter?

Punk bands, musicians, and record labels have built a coalition to educate, register, and mobilize progressive voters. Something needs to be done to unite the youth vote and bring real activism back into our society. Punk rock has always been on the edge and in the forefront of politics. It is time to energize the majority of today’s disenfranchised youth movement and punk rockers to make change a reality.

Punkvoter is about organizing the many diverse and regional movements into one voice of political change. Punkvoter is a way to educate today’s youth about what is really going on in Washington, DC and how we can collectively force change. This is our chance to be a strong voice against the serious flaws in the current political system. This is our way to talk about new laws and scenarios that could change our quality of life for years to come. Punkvoter is your organization. It will be run with the same energy and spirit of all punk efforts. With your help it will be a credible force to truly shape the future of our nation.

These are drastic times and today’s youth are not voting. On top of that, younger voters are often encouraged that voting is lame and something “old” people do. Check out this shirt that used to be for sale at Urban Outfitters:

Why are these drastic times for younger generations of Americans?

1. The U.S. is waging wars on false pretenses.

2. Kids under our country’s legal drinking age are fighting overseas and dying.

3. Unemployment has reached nine-year highs.

4. Every state has budget deficits and is actively passing these burdens on to future generations.

5. An estimated 60% of the 2003 graduates will have to move back in with their parents because of the lack of jobs.

6. The 18- to 24-year-old voter demographic dropped to an all time low of only 38% in 2000.

What is Punkvoter’s goal?

Punkvoter’s goal is to educate, register and mobilize over 500,000 of today’s youth as one voice. It plans to use this election as a way to get punk fans engaged in politics and evolve the punk movement into becoming involved locally to affect real change nationally.

What does Punkvoter stand for?

The progressive principles that parallel the punk movement’s guiding strength drive Punkvoter. This is the time for the punk scene to unite around issues we all care about and that we have all sung about. We must all stand together as one voice in shaping the future of our country. This is not about who is a sellout, who is too hardcore, or who is from the west coast, etc. This is about getting everyone to mobilize as a block of concerned voters. Punk bands, punk labels, and punk fans must form a union against the chaotic policies George W. Bush has put in place. He must be exposed. Even amongst this coalition of free thinkers, we may not agree on every issue. Nonetheless, we are united around these four basic principles and feel it is time to stand together in questioning our current administration’s policies

What are Punkvoter’s objectives?

1. To activate punks and other disenfranchised young people to participate in elections. In the 2000 election, Bush “won” Florida by only 537 votes. 2 million registered voters in Florida did NOT vote in that election. If only 600 of those had voted for Gore, our country would be in a very different position. Additionally, only 38% of young people (18-29) voted in the 2000 presidential election. This is not only sad; it is pathetic.

Besides the multitude of local issues in every election in which a hundred votes can decide an issue, the 2000 presidential election showed us that ANYONE, especially young people, CAN make a huge difference. Apathy can be fatal. Concerned members of the punk rock community need to become ACTIVE in the election process. Voting is the crucial first step. We know that you care, now show it. Don’t let history repeat itself.

2. To expose the chaotic policies of George Bush Jr.* and his current administration. Punkvoter’s goal is to run interactive and creative voter education programs by taking its message to the streets and letting punk fans and friends know why the electoral process is important to them. It plans to show how our government truly affects all of our lives. It will work with the thousands of regional bands and other coalitions of mutual respect and interests including skaters, surfers, fanzine writers, concert goers, and others that feel disenfranchised with their government.

* You may ask yourself why George W. Bush is often referred to as George Bush Jr. rather than George W. or GW. Well, ya see folks, this whole thing is a product of good ol’ Republican spin which comes about from his staff attempting to give Jr. an identity that’s distinctly his own and detach him from his non-re-elected pappy. But let’s not kid ourselves, he IS the son of a president, and statistics reveal that many people mistakenly voted for him thinking that they were voting for his father. Some pundits feel that George Jr. won the Texas Gubernatorial election on that basis alone, and considering the importance of name recognition at the voting booth, you can’t deny that this boob may have been accidentally elected as governor. Don’t let them fool you, this man inherited all that he has, and we think it’s a disgrace to democracy to have someone elected on the basis of their bloodlines rather than on their merits. Here we are in what we consider the world’s purest democracy, and who is our leader? The idiot son of an asshole.

3. To build a coalition of informed voters who can individually and collectively influence public policy. Next time you’re standing at a crowded show, look around and wonder how many people around you voted. Chances are it was less than 40%. If you were at a show in Florida with over 1,000 people, that would mean that the number of people who didn’t vote at the show was larger than the number of votes that separated Bush Jr. from Gore. Think about it, the crowd at a large punk show could have changed the outcome of the presidential election. Well kids, right-wing groups like the Christian Fundamentalists and NRA throw their weight around … isn’t it time we started doing the same? If we get together and turn up at the polls, our political leaders can no longer ignore us. One vote may be just one vote. But together, our hundreds of thousands of votes are a real force. So come on, let’s show the world in 2004 that the punks are a force that can rock the world.

Why build the Punkvoter coalition?

Music has always been ahead of societal change. It has always been a major influence on both the culture and the politics of the day. Punk rock is about taking an in-your-face attitude in order to rebel against the problems of our society. It’s time to engage the punk rock spirit into today’s political battles.

Remember, some of punk’s greatest inventors back-lashed against the norms of their society. Punk rock has clearly broken down the prudish undercurrents of many puritanical yet supposedly “modern” governments. Punk bands like the Sex Pistols, MC5, The Clash, Subhumans, Minor Threat, Crass, and Propagandhi have all been a voice for the working class and other minorities in times of strife. Punk musicians have never been afraid to speak out on such topics as drug abuse, suicide, and forms of discrimination such as sexism and racism. In addition, small bands have been local voices for their communities’ grassroots concerns. From performing benefit concerts (California’s NOFX, Green Day) to running shelters (DC’s Fugazi and Positive Force), punks have always preached social change. Even though punk’s diversity spans the political spectrum from the far right to the far left (and even includes those that advocate for the complete breakdown of government as we know it), punk has always preached in the hopes of making change a reality.

We must remember that today’s politicians are servants to their constituents; therefore, we must become a true voting force.

On a Carellatorial note:

I’m not running for political office. The suggestion that I should refrain from attacking Bush’s character to gain an advantage against him in the polls is null and void. I’m free to say that Bush is a moron and a douche bag. I’m free to say that Bush represents every father that would call his son a faggot for pursuing the arts and every father that would think his daughter is less than a woman for being a lesbian. I’m free to suggest that everyone should be very cautious when dealing with white, conservative, so-called Christian Americans like Bush. They lie, cheat, and steal as much as any other group in existence and then have the audacity to legislate who is a sinner and who is not … oops sorry … we’re all sinners. Their behavior tends to make one forget that little technicality. Praise God! Praise Jesus! Praise that damn Holy Ghost too!

If Jesus were here on Earth today he’d be running complete with a link to “Bullshit Reasons Why the Bush Administration Kills and Tortures in My Father’s Name”.

So Bush is an idiot. The people behind the scenes including Dick Cheney and the PNAC are not idiots, however. War is the big business. Their plan for lining their pockets with American domination of the world is nothing short of disturbing. If you don’t know about the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) I suggest you find out quickly. Their power is fueled by the fact that most Americans are lazy and lack conviction. Before you indict me for widespread generalizations, think about this: 1 million people in New York City came out to protest the “preemptive” war in Iraq, but what about the other 7 million plus? That’s 12.5% taking action and the other 87.5% doing nothing.

Also, take a look at people on the street. How many of them are fat? How many of them do much more after their worker-bee days than plant their fat asses on couches in front of televisions? How many of them do much more than work, eat, shit, breed, watch TV, and sleep? Have you ever seen as many fat children as you do today? If not, you’re either blind or fat yourself and think they look “healthy” because they’re battered and deep-fried in pure vegetable oil.

Is Bush the bad guy or is he just a reflection of the social roaches we live with? Remember that showing up for work on time and paying your bills doesn’t necessarily make you smart, organized, or a benefit to society. In the end you might just be wasting air more than anything else. Besides, what do you think the taxes from your paycheck are paying for?

George Bush is a disgrace. He’s the most pathetic, inept president ever. Period. He is a lower-rung lion trying to be the big, bad, alpha lion, except he sounds like a retarded student at a practice session for the speech club. He should spend a little less time practicing his cock-sucking smile and a little more time practicing lucid articulation and research or at least finding better people to spoon-feed him from his high chair.

That’s Fat America to a T. Bush is the poster boy of Fat America and Fat America is not something to be proud of. Fat America is a bloated, the-rules-do-not-apply-to-us, we’re-the-”good”-guys, couch-ridden, human garbage assembly line complete with trite small talk and poor attempts at humor to hide their true motives. They are the finest in Grade A diplomatic thieves who use empty, holy justifications to explain their actions and fake, blank smiles to manipulate and whore the way of life many have died to preserve.

One of the most disappointing facets of adulthood is coming to the realization that many adults are nothing more than ignorant, misinformed, sexless (this one is key and if you can’t figure out why then you must be one of them – it goes way beyond sex) children in overgrown bodies. Many of them are so ignorant that they still feel Bush is a swell guy and plan to vote for him this November because he randomly throws out the “God” word and … well … because they’re morons just like Bush. In fact, they can use him as an excuse for being the morons they truly are: “If the president’s that way then I must be alright”.

Musicians like me are idiots, right? We’re all flakes with bad attitudes and big mouths. Shit, network TV consistently says so, so it must be true, right? All these things I’m writing right now have no merit or any true weight in a “civilized” society, right?

Did you see any musicians like me in any of those naked prisoner photos from Iraq? Who did you see posing with those prisoners? I’ll tell you who: regular, average, repressed, ugly, white, American crap, the true garbage of our society.

Always remember that musicians like me didn’t create this problem but we are helping to clean up the mess. We didn’t vote for George W. Bush. “Decent” Americans did. Those who don’t like that can kiss my skinny little tight ass and rub my flat stomach while they’re at it and even retain a free hand to hold a double Quarter Pounder with cheese. Don’t bend over too far though or your crack and the jungle that accompanies it will spring out from the back of your sweatpants.

And so it goes …

It is essential that we as a collective unit along with Punkvoter (and the many many many others against Bush) spread the facts about this administration.

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Want more?

Discover more truths about our AWOL, coke-head, alcoholic, born-rich, red-neck, frat-boy, hypocritical, murdering Junta leader at Backstage With Supak’s Bush News. Or check out the Bush section at Howard Stern’s website.

You might also want to check out Rock Against Bush Vol. 1, a compilation CD consisting of 26 songs, almost all of which are unreleased and exclusive, from some of the most notable bands in punk and rock. Order it from Fat Wreck Chords or Interpunk.

This is Carella signing out, telling you how it is because you can’t blackball a black ball tattletale.

Thank you and God bless ... fatty.

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