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Weed You Don’t Smoke

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Weed. You buy it and you share it, but you don't smoke it — you listen to it. Weed is one of the newest and most promising ideas in music file-sharing on the Internet.

Weedshare’s motto: "Instead of trying to shut down file-sharing, we think people should be paid for it. Instead of punishing fans who don't respect artists' rights, we think it makes more sense to reward those who do."

Here’s how it works, according to the Weedshare website:

Download Weed Files

You can download Weed files from the Internet, or copy them from a CD or any other digital media containing Weed files. There are more websites offering free Weed files every day, and you can trade Weed files on peer-to-peer networks. When you use the Weed software, there is a music guide included that provides links to some of the most popular Weed sites. You can also find a guide to Weed sites on the Weedshare website.

If you're looking for Weed files on P2P networks, search for "-weed-" to find all the Weed files available.

Play Weed Files

You can play any Weed file three times for free.

Weed files are in Windows Media format and work with any current Windows-based player software, including RealOne and MusicMatch Jukebox. After three free plays, they'll invite you to buy the file.

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When you buy a Weed file, you can burn it to CD and play it on your stereo, or you can play it on portable devices, such as the Nomad Jukebox or the Rio S-10. Plus, when you buy a Weed file, you can share it with others and earn a payment when the people you share with buy the file.

Whenever you buy a Weed file, the artist and those who got it to you benefit.

Install the Weed Software

To buy and share songs, you'll need the Weed software, which runs on Windows PCs (Windows 98 and later). Getting started is easy. The software application is a quick download — just 500K. And you can set up your account without providing any personal data (though you will need to provide a PayPal email address in order to withdraw funds). They'll even start you off with a free $5 account balance so you can start buying music right away.

Buy Weed Files

When you first get the Weed software, you'll have a free $5 account balance, so it's easy to start buying music and trying out the service. If you'd like to add more money to your Weed account, you can use PayPal. To buy a Weed file, get the Weed software, find the file you want to buy, and click on the title. Buying lets you play the song on up to three computers, burn it to a CD, or copy it to a portable player. You can also share the song with anybody you like.

Share Weed Files and Make Money

Once you've bought a Weed file, you can make money by sharing it. Put it on your web page, email it, burn CDs, or put it in your peer-to-peer share folder. If anybody you share it with buys it, you'll get a share of the money. The artists pay you to promote their music.

20% of the sale price goes to you.

10% of the price goes to the person who shared the file with you.

5% goes to the person who shared the file with the person who shared the file with you.

50% of every sale always goes to the artist or publisher who owns the song.

The remaining 15% goes to Weed.

If you'd like to be an artist on Weed websites, you have to get your music "weedified" by a producer who works with Weed. The Weedshare website explains how to get in contact with one of these producers. This service is still free and you usually get a response within 24 hours.

If you're a music fan and would like to run your own Weed website you can do that as well.

One of the most tragic pitfalls of the advent of CDs was the virtual elimination of the single. Now you have the ability to purchase the tracks you want without having to spend extra money on the ones you don't want. You no longer have to spend $15+ on a CD with two good songs. Using Weed, you spend $2 for those two tracks you really want. If you decide you want more later, you can go get more whenever you wish.

That's it, people. You the consumer now have the ability to become the record store. You have the power in your hands. You can share and sell the music you like and make money doing it, right in your own damn house.

The store never closes. You don't have to stand around in lines. You never have to look for parking. You don't have to hear the annoying music Best Buy plays to please the majority of customers who shop there. Here's the tally: Win. Win. Win. Win. Win.

And one more win: If all the little girls of the world get their music legally from Weed, the RIAA can't sue them or their mommies. But that's another article.

(Read more about the RIAA suing little girls at Downhill Battle.)

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