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The Happiest Day of Your Life

Who would commission a wedding consultant who doesn’t believe in matrimony? By Deidra Garcia

How I Ruined a Perfectly Good Chicken

I used ten eggs for my experiment, and consequently had two eggs left over, which I left in the incubator. Just to see what would happen, you understand. By Denise Pace

One Night at the Granada

Part Three

The conclusion to the story that began in Issue 13 and Issue 14. By Carter O’Brien

Thanks for the Taco, Big White Head!

“You’re looking for Zacualco... yeah, just turn left at that big white head. It’s just a few kilometers down the road.” By Joe Martinez

Bus Ride

I pushed my face against the window, leaving an outline in oils, pores, and dead skin. Who would want to stare across the prairie through that mask? By Jenny Rose Ryan

Grumpy Eye for the Metro Guy

The implied meaning of the word “metrosexual”, when one just looks at it, would seem to be “one who is sexually attracted to urban areas.” By Patrick Russell

The Elevators Will Always Win

People are always trying to do something big but they forget that life is made up of the little things. The elevator at work told me that. By Matt McCarthy

“Urbs in Horto” in Action

Putting the Garden Back in the City

I’m a bit of a tree nut myself. One of the best things I think we can do in Chicago and other cities is “reforest” them. By Carter O’Brien

Denise’s Bad Old Poetry Corner

Dead Cat Sonnet #2 / I came across the body of the cat / Who once lived in a house that I know well. By Denise Pace


The Winter Is Over

From the Publisher

The end of the administration of George W. Bush is inevitable. By Geary Yonker

Victory at Crandon Mine


An update to the Activism piece that appeared in Issue 8. By Geary Yonker

Weed You Don’t Smoke

Spotlight Site

Weed is one of the newest and most promising ideas in music file-sharing on the Internet. By Carella Ross

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