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Officer Murphy Is Screaming

God and the Problem of Suffering in Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop

The arc of Robocop’s emotional development correlates directly to the suffering he bears. (Do I have to bring up the Jesus thing again?) By Steve Spaulding

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

The pointlessness of religious wars hovers right up there alongside “trickle down” economics, the drug war, and the utterly inexplicable persistence of Cathy Lee Gifford’s career. By Patrick Russell

One Night at the Granada

Part Two

The story that began in Issue 13 continues... By Carter O’Brien

Revelation 2001

Ever as the day comes / night goes down. / Did you ever read / the words I left before I left. By Henry Kastler

The Field-Goal Kicking Mule

I’ll give anybody $50 to oust that dupe who’s currently occupying the White House and I’ve got a baby on the way. By Geary Yonker

Seventh Day

This is a story about the morning of the seventh day of creation told by the Georgians. By Robert Donovan

When Icons Attack

The Pope and The King duke it out, Halloween 2003. By Joe Martinez

Corey Feldman

At your lowest, Corey Feldman / you still had a father and did / not want much to die for. By Erica Bernheim

Religious Journeys

I’ve been fascinated by religion lately. I’m not sure where this fascination came from, because I wasn’t really raised to be religious. By Chris Slankard

The ABCs of South American Wine

In the eyes of consumers and critics, it’s the quality of these wines on which Argentina and Chile are making new names for themselves. By Al DeReu

Not Just for Hippies Anymore

While this sophomoric advertisement begs to be ridiculed, in no way do I mean to slander a place where folks can go and participate in the beautiful act of making music together. By Carter O’Brien


Hard-Won Prizes

From the Publisher

Our freedoms were won not only by the blood of soldiers but also by the blood, sweat, and tears of millions of everyday Americans who passed before us. By Geary Yonker

Stewards of the Sea


Surfers and the rest of us who love the world’s oceans and beaches must work to get the word out: Without our Mother Ocean there would be no life on this planet. By Joe Martinez

Punks on ’Tussin

Spotlight Site

In attempting to describe to other people his experiences with the place/society/state of mind that had come to be called “Big Fun,” The Gus found himself tripped up by language. By Steve Spaulding

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