Not Just for Hippies Anymore

Disclaimer: I have been a very enthusiastic hand drummer for many years, so while this sophomoric advertisement begs to be ridiculed, in no way do I mean to slander a place where folks can go and participate in the beautiful act of making music together.

That said, time to put this ad under the ’scope and dissect the message the almighty gods of advertising are delivering.

His Holiness pontificates after a few beers

1 “NOT JUST FOR HIPPIES ANYMORE” Hippies? I thought they disappeared with the emergence of Bush’s somewhat controversial “Surrender Your Civil Rights, You Commie Pinkos” ethnic-cleansing programs in the early 21st century.

2 “Chicago’s trippiest nightlife option” To be polite, the advertising agency got a little too much creative control here (or the owners didn’t obey their own rules and “leave the grass at home”). While maybe — maybe — this is true for people that choose their activities solely from ads, there are “trippier” things happening on any given night under various segments of the L tracks than there are in a controlled environment like a bar. Trust me, anyone who uses the word “trippiest” doesn’t know what tripping is.

3 “a few drinks might make you a better drummer” Many musicians spend so much time in bars that they can play very competently, even when they’re knackered like Englishmen after a rugby game, but first-time drummers? Now that’s a bad, bad idea. My ears hurt just thinking about it ...

4 “just leave the grass at home, man” Good grief. I refer you to my first point — and they call this place trippy?

5 “you dig?” I oppose this sorry slang just on principle! I think maybe the advertising agency ought to reinforce the “leave the grass at home” rule with their own employees.

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