Too Much White Currant Wine

String puller Sholto's picnicky feast

petered out

when the grain weevil came to Alderney

upsloping the sun-dried barleycorn

with a fete of meandering squirms.


In the tunic-maker's window box

a Cabbage White butterfly

bell-tinked the cabbage rose

and the hand-in-hand next doors

abstracted cold snacks.


As the fruit fly straggled on sugared silk

a moody breeze skidded easy-peasy

capsizing the lacquered skirts

of a quintuplicate of ambrosia bugs,

dog-hairing (a point of no return) their gippy tummies.


A bristle of fudgecake beetles

scraped pretty-pickle legs

underlit by the bottom-up salver.


But it wasn't until the honey ants

slobbered into the Tucker porcelain bowl

downturning in a syrupy realm of light,

that the upstairs maid, Jacquetta,

glumly threw up.

© 2003, Christopher Barnes
Image: WSU - Mt. Vernon

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