Lost Aggression After West Nile

We are nothing like eagles, falling when we do it.

I cleave you longer than the distance from which a far

vulture can smell something dead. The raptors might

have this kind of eyesight: they can't see their bars.


That Frank Lloyd Wright designed clothes for those women

to wear in his prairie period homes is something I will forget

come darkness, come amazing lock, no acumen,

but it takes studying to move this way. Like, I regret


I wore my shoes like an atrium, economical with weakness.

Any pair who cares hold hands in public move thrust

into it. If ever there were a time not to answer, this

is it. The Latin Kings by me throw signals at dusk.


It takes the care of a fantasy acorn.

It takes balls to fly, more to be born.

© 2003, Erica Bernheim
Image: Erica Bernheim

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