Mythical Animals
and Moral Clarity

Geary Yonker

We are believers. It is what makes us so endearing and so dangerous.

Bands With Balls

Carella Ross

The artist is taking back control from the fat-cat music business pariahs and the fickle, average, bigoted public.

Mean, Hurtful Poems to People We Don’t Like

The Bumfuzzled Brothers

Pope, Pope, Pope. / You're old. / An old virgin. / There's nothing / sadder than that.

The Black Chalice Blues
Part 3 of 3

Steve Spaulding

The exciting conclusion to the story that began in Issue 11 and continued in Issue 12.

Too Much
White Currant Wine

Christopher Barnes

String puller Sholto's picnicky feast / petered out / when the grain weevil came to Alderney

One Night at the Granada
Part 1

Carter O’Brien

“There were like 30 or 40 people there, good tunes, weed everywhere… only thing is I wish I had brought a flashlight.”

Lost Aggression
After West Nile

Erica Bernheim

We are nothing like eagles, falling when we do it.

Howard Dean, M.D.

Can This Gutsy Doctor Save an Ailing Nation?

Joe Martinez

While I don't think he's the second coming of Christ, I do believe that the guy has balls.

Turning Points

Chris Slankard

Lately, I've been making changes in my life that require some balls.

Your Silent Face

Patrick Hurley

Your silent face / says words / no breath could pass

So That’s Where the Cherries on Your Sundae Come From

Carter O’Brien

Is it the timeless appeal of the melody or the timeless appeal of the humor of men's cajones that the ice cream truck is appealing to?

The Exador of
Froth and Beards

Christopher Barnes

...whereupon the Orator tows on a party-going reservoir of Fosters lager

Desktop Patterns

Chris Kowalski

I Just Bet My Balls
... And Shook On It

Patrick Russell

What does it say about the quality of my adolescent educational experience that this massive military invasion is flashing me back to a junior high game of murder ball?

Male Bag

Christina O’Brien

Paul H. had three balls and that wasn't the weirdest thing about him.