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The Exception
By the fARM
We’re the only animal species that can be naked.
Skinny Dipping
By Chris Kowalski
I felt her hands slip away from my body as I floated, eyes closed. My feet swung down beneath me and I sank. Dipping my toes into the cold undercurrent that dragged my body deeper into the lake.
Bald Men
By Erica Bernheim
The shape of the skull,
so ridged and voluptuous.
The Machine's New Clothes
By Carter O'Brien
I want a naked government.
A Discernible Turgid State
Excerpts from “Chapter 8-8 Public Morals” of the Chicago Code of Ordinances.
To Romeo, From God
By Denise Pace
A few years ago I witnessed the death of a cat. He was a beautiful blaze-orange thick-haired tom.
A Need for Strong Hands
If Henry Was Here

By Blythe Hurley
When Henry and I fuck, it’s never once before sleep with the curtains safely drawn. We do it on the kitchen counter, on the bathroom floor, in the back seats of friends’ cars. We do it without caution.
Might I Dance Here Awhile
By Patrick Hurley
Might I dance here awhile
        feeling the air
                  pushing the persistence
The Black Chalice Blues (Part 1 of 3)
By Steve Spaulding
“No heaven without a hell, no God without a Devil, no Christ without an Antichrist. So, once the Grail legend had been in place long enough, its acceptance implied an Anti-Grail.”
Everyone Strips
An entry from the Naked States Tour Journal by artist Spencer Tunick.
My Naked Truth
By Chris Slankard
When I was being potty trained, I refused to wear any clothes in the swimming pool because my panties weren’t supposed to get wet.
Take It, Naked Bacon
By Denise Pace
But then one day what started out as a little itch, a little discomfort, turned into a horrendous situation. He found out he had some disease, maybe gonorrhea or leprosy, and his dick started to rot off.
The Sex Lives of Clowns
By Erica Bernheim
How they suspend desire, child-like poses,
words so fancy, and something gaping
at you in the darkness afterwards.
The Breathalator
You never know where you'll be when your air source will be compromised.
Bums Away!!!
By Patrick Russell
We need a National Naked Week and we need it now.
Everlovin' and This Morning
By Henry Kastler
a lullaby to the insomniacs
and peace for the wicked
as sure as rain

Llama Llove
An excerpt from “FONDL: Friends of Naked Dancing Llama Frolicking Forum!”.
The Death of the Trade: Part II
By Montana Wildhack
A continuation of the space-age sex-slave story that began in Issue 10.
A Taste of California
By Al DeReu
I turned, and my suspicions were confirmed: A big stinky black bear was dropping by to see what was for dinner.
By Patrick Hurley
   in a raindrop

The Bumfuzzled Bros. present
I Like It Weird
Suddenly Li Lei turned around and faced him, naked from the waist up. “Tell Li Lei how you like it, hey baby?”
Male Bag
By Christina O'Brien
I had just finished my column for the last issue when I got an email from the publisher. It was sent by one of my ex-boyfriends—in fact, the very one I had chosen as the subject of my column.
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Spring 2003
Issue No. 11
Editor: Christina O'Brien
Developer: Henry Kastler
Cover/Header Designer: Chris Kowalski
Publisher: Geary Yonker

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