My Naked Truth

By Chris Slankard

When I was being potty trained, I refused to wear any clothes in the swimming pool because my panties werenít supposed to get wet.

Now, Iím considerably more inhibited. I didnít even get the urge to flash my breasts when I was at Mardi Gras.

Iím definitely not a ďGirl Gone WildĒ.

What am I missing out on?
Would sexual spontaneity make me more fun and interesting?
Would I attract anyone worth having?
Would people pity me without me knowing it? Would I care if they did?
Would I be happier or would I be even more sad and lonely?

For some reason, Iíve been thinking about these things.

Iím not tempted to flash my breasts or anything (sorry, guys).
Iím just wondering if Iím taking things too seriously.
Lately, Iíve had some random make-out sessions (pretty risquť for me), and a weird open relationship thatís been so hot and cold I donít even know what Iím doing anymore.
I thought that was all I wanted.
I escaped an all-consuming relationship and I thought I only wanted my freedom. I definitely didnít want to become stuck in another trap.
What Iím discovering is that itís all so unfulfilling and I want something real.
Why does that make me less fun?
Why am I completely unattracted to the serious guys that might actually want that too (if I gave them half a chance)?

So, I need to pull back and not worry about it. I need to focus on myself and my physical and mental health, because Iíve been kind of destructive for the past few months.

Now to lighten the mood:
There once was a stripper named Heather.
She loved whips, chains, and leather.
She took off her clothes,
Had five piercings in her nose,
And never felt under the weather.

(Now you know why I stick to therapeutic writing.)

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