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The Farm

   Scatter Splatter

Schizophrenic proverb
love has hate written all over it
The news of the day is
the war is all over
and arms sales are up
a big profit in prosthetics
Kitty kat outside my window
roaring into the night
it outcries the crickets
and frogs
And nature itself is
drowned out by the
Hummmm of my wind machine
Pushing and pushing those
molecules of air around
pushing and pushing
With the sound of an aeroplane's
Flying like birds or
dragonflies fly, high in the air
with no one there to steer
just roaring into the night
with a payload of weapons
gonna make the news
National and International
Everyone will see it
every 30 minutes
I killed them all
I killed everyone
all at once
now roll those cameras
And the police beat me
after they killed the kat
in my front yard
It posed a threat
It was in the way of
the Wheels Of Justice
so they say
Then I told them
You'll never take me alive,
The war is over
and I have stock in prosthetics
and I demand justice
and you'd better read me my
rights before, and during, my
beating, please let me sign something
important, after my fingers are broken
By the way cop
don't trip over the fan cord
Hey, leave this noose
around my neck
I don't care if it is the flag
It should symbolize my freedom
to hang myself with it
What do you mean I'm on drugs
I am not
I'm a decent American
I pay my taxes
I watch the news
and all the hip sitcoms
and of course all those
persuasive commercials in between
I don't need drugs
not when I have this great
What you mean I'm not making sense
Of course I'm not making sense
you don't want me to make sense
Ignorance is bliss
and this is a
schizophrenic proverb.