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This is our farm by geary yonker We are the underachievers.
Evening in 11 Moves by Matt McCarthy I'm on my bike and I'm furious.
Me and Major Tom by Steve Spaulding For a short span of time in the sixth grade, I believed in the British space program.
The Amsterdam Poem by Henry Kastler A mystery blue and white tram route 4
Two Minutes to Talk to Kurt Vonnegut by Blythe Smith Besides the obvious - expressions of admiration and jealousy - what I really want to say is: "Cheer up, Kurt!"
Scatter Splatter by Patrick Hurley Schizophrenic proverb love has hate written all over it
The Real Decision: Gore v. Nader by geary yonker Pragmatic: practical v. idealistic.
A Picture Postcard by Rhiannon Brown I slowly read the front, exaggerating each syllable and dragging my finger along the words first-grade-style. "Greetings from The Aloha State."
First there is waking up by Patrick Hurley First there is waking up realization of a new day beauty or tragedy not knowing
The Rantings of Eugene D. Moore by Carter O'Brien "Important information about Dinosaurs and about much more. Please help save the world."
Mamo, nie placz, nie by Patrick Hurley "Mamo, nie placz, nie."I'll come home, someday
Male Bag by Tina Dunlap This is the first in a series of love letters, hate mail, and other correspondence from guys that I've saved over the years.
Shades of Dye by geary yonker Marketing to the Underground, the Washington Generals, and Other Patsies.
Lake by Patrick Hurley Lake, your icy fingers crash on my spirit pulling me in deeper than I know how to go
Photos by Monica Schrager On the Farm
My Home, or Why I Hug Trees by Joe Martinez Industry: It's a monster out to get me!
Autobiography by Heather M. Egland I refuse to start at the beginning simply because it's an irrelevant place to start.