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The Farm

   First there is waking up
realization of a new day
beauty or tragedy
not knowing
The sun is not shining yet
there is a bird on the ledge
First there is coffee
and more coffee, with a chocolate chip scone
There is fog on the road this morning
more construction
always more construction
First there is hearing sounds
indistinguishable sounds
then a brightness
then the outline of a face
or shoulder
or hip
It's raining on the road today
windshield wipers are so inadequate
all is good if everyone keeps in their lane
just keep in your lane
until the rain subsides
First there is a smile, with
sleepy eyes above
hair shielding cheeks from sun
then the sensation of touch
fingertips soft on warm skin
then there is holding, tight
tight enough to remain through the day
then there are cries of realization
weaning anxiety
letting go is part of love
First there is coffee
with a blueberry scone
and stop lights, stop signs,
brake lights, heavy traffic
rushing, rushing
always rushing
The rain has stopped
there is a mist on the highway
this morning
toll booths, correct change, and exit ramps
First there is the scent of hair
followed by the scent of skin
there are legs entwined
palm flat on the small of a back
there is pulling closer
and pulling closer still
readjusting bodies
readjusting lives
First there is waking up.