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The Farm


Below is the first page of a 10-page letter (or perhaps, a manifesto?) from one Eugene D. Moore, who is currently a guest of the Minnesota State Correctional Facility in Stillwater, MN. Eugene sent this letter to "The Field Museum of the Science Museum" after reading in a news clipping that the Field Museum had purchased the fossilized bones of Sue, a Tyrannosaurus rex. I won't spoil the many wild adventures and insights coming from the mind of this fellow, but the envelope came with the following cryptic prophecy (right underneath his inmate identification number):

"Important information about Dinosaurs and about much more. Please help save the world."
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On to the letter!

Page One

Sent on June 21, 2000 All World News


To whom it may concern please send copies to other people in the news and please help to get the truth out, because the life of everyone on earth are in danger of death because of things that are happening in this world and people should understand that I have every right to release this information. and after people read this letter people should then understand why I should become the first world president over ever country inorder to stop some of the crime that people in the law and others are doing. and inorder for me to help save the people and inorder for me to stop this world from going to hell, and I am not going to hell because I am a messenger of God, and I will try to get people to understand the truth about things that I have experienced and with another news add about the missing text from the new testament that was found by Dr. Blagner and was printed Kevin Creed in the Weekly World News at 600 East Coast Avenue, Lantana, Fla, 33464-0002, and it said it contains 8-never-before-seen prophecies spoken by Jesus christ himself! It said, washington- A noted archaeologist and bible historian says he discovered missing portions of the new testament- and the the ancient writings contain eight stunning prophecies spoken by christ himself! The documents foretell a series of earth-shattering events, all occurring around the time of the new millennium, according to Dr. Frank C. Blagner. They include a terrifying prediction that "the world of sin and wickedness will pass away" an apparent reference to the final days, "These priceless scrolls are now in the possession of the Vatican," said by Dr. Blagner who said he had discovered the writings in a cave near Jerusalem in July of 1977

Page Two

All World News

"and they date from the first century A.D. and are written in Aramaic, the actual language spoken by christ. "They were originally part of the book of matthew. But were probably removed from the bible by early Christians who believe that some sections were too frightening to be read. They took them out and replaced them with more innocuous passages," Dr Blagner says that the recently discovered scriptures are more specific and detailed about future events than the rest of the new testament. "for instance, in matthew 24 in the modern bible in most american homes today- Christ speaks of the end of the age. The final verses say only Gd knows when that day will be. "But that's not what Jesus really said," says Dr. Blagner in these recently discovered scrolls, Jesus is much more specific when transposed from the roman calendar and placed into our own modern 12 month calendar, christ's words indicate the final days will occur in the 21st century, probably before the year 2005." Dr. Blagner says the passages reveal that the world as we know it will end this way: "A deadly fire 27 times hotter than any before it will rain down from the sky because of mans' hatred, and the world of sin and wickedness will pass away," most experts agree this sounds like a reference to nuclear war. But others argue it indicates that a cleansing flame from heaven will sear away all evil. leaving a spotless world behind, Dr. Blagner says the last writings contain seven other prophecies of startling events that will transpire from 1998 to the year 2005- as the final days draw nearer.

CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE (Eugene's helpful note)

Page Three

All World News

The writing said that. Dogs, cats, mules and even oxen will start talking as if they were human; and I Eugene D. Moore knows that it will happen. because some of it is happening right now. I know because me and my wife debra had found three live apelike people that spoke English as if they were human. and people in the law down in Oklahoma city in 1976 they also saw them same three apelike people. and it was not any mask. They were ape animals that spoke as if they were human. and they know that they had come back to life and they knew that they had lived millions of years ago in the time of dinosaurs, and in 1976 the apelike people knew that they didn't speak any English at all millions of years ago, they knew in 1976 that they were more like the ape animals million of years ago. and they said that they didn't know why they spoke English now in the year 1976. and I have also seen two apelike people in the apple valley Zoo in Minnesota in about 1975, and me and my wife debra moore and several other people have also seen live dinosaurs on the highways in the years of 1972. 1975. 1980. 1988. some live dinosaurs were also seen out of three lakes in Minnesota, and some were also seen out west in the Wyoming area and in the Portland Oregon area in 1980. and me and my wife had seen a live T-rex dinosaur that was running after a man on the highway up north in Minnesota in 1988. These live dinosaurs spoke English as if they were human, and I know where there are some apelike people that are living in a large cave in Minnesota.

Where to start in our critical analysis of Eugene's wild predictions? He has such an incredible memory, remembering year-specific details going back to 1972! However, his deep unwavering beliefs in the writings of Dr. Blagner kind of make you go "Hmmmm."

It really is on page 3 that he gets cookin'. I find it interesting that he sees nothing particularly odd about dogs and cats "talking as if they were human," but he draws the line at oxen! Psychologists could learn a lot from this guy. I don't think there's anything I can add to the descriptions of apelike people and dinosaurs chasing folks down highways in Minnesota, although I do wonder how Eugene planned to deliver the aforementioned T. rex if The Field Museum really did want to buy it at his sale price of $5 million.

And I am personally going to be haunted by the phrase "spoke English AS IF THEY WERE HUMAN" for the rest of my days. I wasn't aware there were any non-human English speakers, but perhaps some of Eugene's compadres in the Stillwater, Minnesota, Correctional Facility would qualify as subhuman. Only Eugene really knows….

Tune in next time for the second exciting installment of Eugene D. Moore's "All World News" manifesto!