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The Farm

   The Amsterdam Poem

1. A mystery blue
and white tram route 4
in black and white
gigantic boldface larger than any
black four whispering while shouting
through the red and brown cobblestones
and scorched electric metal
tracks and the endless
restlessness of the spectrum footsteps
of a million mobius strips
clothed in dark wool
warm, inviting to the home
the smell of the river like the smell of fresh
bread, that mystery blue and white
tram ozones in respiration
asking me to get on board.

2. A night visitor creaks open
a random chance
as I turn over and wake up
in semidarkness where the shapes
of shadows slide between the form
and the formless field of receptors.
Is it the movement or the awareness
that sends it fleeing?

3. There are women in cabinets,
erotic knickknacks,
for sale, bathed in red
and lonely, sudden breaths.
There's a Dixieland trombone laughing
in the distance. With the cameras
and the knuckles rapping on the windows
everybody's floating on the beat.

4. In the park people stroll
as 2 grey llamas run
circles around a cow
asking them to stop
with each new dust cloud revolution.
The llamas don't stop.
No, the llamas don't stop.
Some guy hands me a flyer
for a coffee shop. A beggar says
"I am Dutch, therefore I speak English."

5. Across an open offwhite rib cage
stands a colossal hologram
in oil paint and the willfully
captured light of the eye's fire
burning from the inside out
a center of light that even now sends
the viewer onto a chromatic bridge
between the nucleus and the orbit.

6. Sunny is an Australian
musing at the end
of the Heineken Brewery Tour.
She brushes back her long brown hair
with a newly acquired backpacker's hand.
"We're all convicts you know," she says,
"or descended from convicts."
Her face doesn't get any whiter
but her lips part.
Luckily, we have beer.

7. At the edge of a canal I finish
the last of my Northern Lights,
rolled up with some brown shag Drum
for which I paid exact change.
The man behind the counter thanked me.
Central Street murmured
like a heartbeat.
The blood reaches the lungs
and the river reaches the sea.