Blythe Hurley

Blythe Hurley is a carbon-based, nonterrestrial life form who looks exactly like this photo when people aren't around. Really. The secret is finally out. That's why she gets along so well with others of her kind. To human eyes she appears to age normally, and she claims to be 30 years old in an attempt to hide her true origins (please don't tell her new mate). In her real form, she will eat more fried chicken than any man you've ever seen.

Blythe has been writing since the second grade and has the adorable story in block print to prove it; she has also won an award for one of her poems and has been published in other venues. As if anyone would be impressed by that. She has had far too many other accolades and achievements to list here, and they are too interesting to be summarized. You'll just have to take her word for it. Blythe is the founder and keyboard player of Sugar Bush, as well as a faithful member of Perfect Teeth. You haven't heard of these bands yet, but you will.

Blythe works in an awful hellhole writing pointless copy and making books about jerk-offs like Dale Earnhardt and Bobby Knight, and she has to vent her rage and frustration in flippant silliness like this. Despite the pain of her employment, she is an excellent editor, although a mediocre boss. She is the proud owner of a very shiny pair of golden handcuffs, several sizes too small.

Blythe keeps on trying to reach her higher ground, despite setbacks and temptation. She can now get her mojo working pretty much on command. She would like to thank the Academy, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, and Patrick for favors received and prayers answered. Word up to the Smiths.

Blythe's mantra: Go White Sox. Long live the fARM. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


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