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The Weapon and the Gift
by the fARM

Round Six: A Landlubber's Grudge Match
By Carter O’Brien

Water, my archenemy, has taunted, jabbed, provoked, poked, stung, and body-slammed me. Something has to be done.

By Matt McCarthy
I eat nothing but hotdogs and French fries. Twice every day I walk to Sal’s Hotdog Shop and order two with everything.
Our Worst Foe-be-us
By Al Dereaux
Hopefully I’m not alone, but I have long noticed a disturbing trend in our foreign policy: Our leaders’ short-sightedness (perhaps primarily re-election minded) too often stokes the fires we seek to extinguish.
All He Could Muster
By Henry Kastler
This was the last thing he wanted to see. A collision. More than just a meeting of metal beast against monolith, the proverbial unstoppable force against the proverbial immovable object.

Serpent’s Teeth: Part II
By Steve Spaulding
I sat there in the dirt, just staring and staring at them. For maybe half a second I had hoped they were people. Human, I mean.

Son… Do You Like To Watch Gladiator Movies?
By Patrick Russell
Oh, what weird, dangerous, tragically-interesting times must lie ahead for us as a nation when a mentally unstable, polyester-draped, yet essentially harmless raving mouth-frother like Jim Traficant sounds like a better gamble for us as a national leader than the guy we’ve already got in there?
Male Bag
By Christina O’Brien
Bill S. was my First Serious Boyfriend. Well, at least he was the first boyfriend I was serious enough about to bother fighting with.
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