The Weapon and the Gift


by the fARM

A year has passed and here we are still crouched behind the water trough waiting to get a clear shot at our enemy in the black hat. We’ve taken a few shots but they’ve all missed the ones who got us.They’re too small. Invisible.

We are afraid and acting out of fear.
We’ve lashed back like a wounded beast. Blind with rage.

We do not realize that we are now playing their game.
It’s what they wanted us to do.
We are afraid and all the red, white, and blue cannot hide it.
We are threatened.
And we should not be.

They did what they did to kill us.
But they also did what they did to kill our confidence.
That unbridled force that makes us endearing and infuriating.
We’re still feeling the hit. Unsure.

They want to fight us in the streets with guns where they have a chance.
For too long this country has looked upon material things as its greatest resource. The most money. The most guns.

Our true power lies only in our heads.
They have no chance against our ideas.
They have no chance against our confidence.
They are our greatest weapon and gift.
We should put aside the money, drop the guns,
and have the confidence to stand beside our ideas.
They are threatened at home and abroad.
They will either protect us and be our victory.
Or they will destroy us and be our legacy.

Stand up.
Either take the bullet or stare bravely into the future.

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